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Thursday Tips: Why a Second Shooter is Important


I love working with a second shooter, in fact, I will only work a wedding with a second shooter. Like I tell clients, there is only one of me, and I can’t be everywhere at all times. While sometimes I wish I could clone myself, it’s just not possible.  Having a second shooter is not only to my benefit, but your benefit as well.

When clients ask if not having a second shooter will affect the cost of their collection choice, the answer is no. Why? Because I believe that having a second shooter is a huge asset to your wedding day.

I spend before the ceremony time with the bride.

And my second shooter gets to hang out with the groom and his guys.

A second shooter is a huge benefit, especially if you are doing a First Look.

I love the reactions of both the bride and the groom as they see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

A second shooter allows for two vantage points. I can shoot the closeup of the kiss.

And my awesome second shooter can get the wider shot from the other side.

And the recessional. Sometimes it happens so quickly, that even if I were to make a run for it, I’d probably become a huge distraction. If you look closely, you’ll see me.


Because I believe that having a second shooter is absolutely essential, I include a second shooter in all of my collections. A second photographer just allows for a much smoother ebb and flow of the wedding day. And when I’m not shooting a wedding, I’m always up to second shoot with a fellow photographer, because I totally understand the importance of it.

I hope this helps as you plan your wedding day!

Happy Thursday!

Many thanks to Rosaura Sandoval, who shot with me in San Francisco, Daniel Galang, who shot with me in San Diego, and to local photographer Amy Barry for second shooting with me most recently in Dallas!

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