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Where to Register: Macy’s Wedding Registry


Moving from one state to another has been nothing short of simple. Change of address forms. Lingering mail. Moving all my belonging halfway across the country. When choosing where to register for our wedding, we naturally thought of Macy’s. Macy’s is a pretty ubiquitous department store and with the evolution and ease of online shopping, it seemed like a great choice.

The wedding registry at Macy’s is very easy to set up. You can set up your registry online and then go into the store to actually zap your items. This is quite possibly the BEST part about registering for your wedding. It’s like shopping without spending any money. You can pick and choose as you like, and give your guests tons of options to choose from in all kinds of price points.

What I also liked about the Macy’s Wedding Registry is that you can set up multiple shipping addresses. You can choose the time period for when items can be shipped to address A and then when they should be shipped to address B. This was especially appealing for us because I would be moving from California to Texas. And with enough stuff in my arsenal of personal things, I didn’t need any additional items to make the cross country jaunt. And everything comes well packed. If you read my post from last week, good packing is essential.


Macy’s further solidified my confidence in them today. While I know that customer service can be hit or miss with them, I had a good experience today. A food processor had been ordered for us by my godfather. I had a feeling that we should have received it already, especially since it had been ordered right before our wedding day. After talking to my mom and tracking down the order information, I found out that the package had been delivered on July 21, while we were on our honeymoon. Whaaaat?

We arrived in Dallas on July 29, picked up all our packages from the front office by July 30, and there was no such package. I mean, it was 26lbs, so that’s pretty hard to miss. I went back to the front office to ask if maybe they had it in the back. No such luck. The lady was pretty intent on getting me out of her hair. Thanks a lot. For nothing. She said to call the shipping carrier.

So I called Fedex, the carrier for the package. They put out a package trace and the package even got its own “trace agent” (sounds more fancy than it is). Unfortunately, this morning they called me to say that since the package was supposedly delivered more than a month ago, I should contact the shipper. Argh.

Onto calling Macy’s. I told the customer service agent of my plight and how we had a wedding registry with Macy’s. The customer service agent took care of it and told me that a food processor will be shipped on September 8. Hooray! I love it when customer service people can help me. And sound pleasant on the phone. Now the question is, where is the original food processor??

And while I won’t receive our food processor for another week or so, here’s a photo of our KitchenAid stand mixer from my BFF bridesmaid, Maggie! Thanks Mags! Loooove the color!


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