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For Clients: Remember to Eat!


It was a rare Friday when Cent was able to work from home. Last Friday, in fact. We sat on opposite ends of the couch, as we usually do. He was working on his work laptop. I was burning a DVD.

“You know what you should blog about?” he said.


“Remind your clients to eat. After the ceremony.”

My husband is smart. I mean, he did marry me, right? I joke, I joke. But seriously, he has his priorities in order.

On our wedding day, we had an afternoon church ceremony that started at 2pm. Our reception did not start until 5:30pm. So after the ceremony, in the limo on the way to take photos with our bridal party, he busted out a sandwich from Subway. He was prepared. Prepared not to be hungry. And luckily, as his newly minted wife, when I asked, he did share with me. In fact, all the groomsmen had sandwiches. I’m not sure when they made the run, but they were sure that they wouldn’t starve until the reception.

This was SO. SMART. I had totally overlooked it. It didn’t even occur to me.

So with words of wisdom from my husband, “Remember to eat.”

This may be something you want to ask your maid of honor or best man to take care of in advance. Or your wedding coordinator. Or your mom and dad. Especially if you have a break between your ceremony and reception. Especially if the ceremony and reception are in different locations.

Because in my case, that morning I had woken up at 7:ooam, had a small breakfast, and while adrenaline and butterflies fueled my energy through the ceremony, when I saw Cent with that sandwich around 3:00pm, my stomach growled. Loudly. So whether it be granola bars, Luna bars, sandwiches from Subway, burritos from Chipotle, or some kind of homemade goodies, remember to eat!

(And if you’re worried about getting it on your dress…bring a snuggie! Another use for the silly invention.)

Thank you to Cent for inspiring today’s blog post. I told you he was smart. That’s why I married him. :)

Happy Thursday!

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