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Soul Story featured on Sage Wedding Pros!


I love the Sage Wedding Pros. Not just because they are totally business savvy and tailor their posts to the wedding industry, but because it’s run by two women who “get” it. They share knowledge freely and are givers. They welcome newcomers to the industry and believe in working together, rather than in fierce competition. Because they’ve been there. They’ve done that. And have lived to tell their stories.

I have to thank Michelle Loretta, owner of Mmm Paper in Seattle and founder of Sage Wedding Pros, (and the power of Twitter) for virtually introducing me to her Sage business partner, Kelly Simants, who owns Sweet Pea Events, and runs her biz out of Dallas. She has been nothing but wonderful in helping me get to know the Dallas wedding industry!

I have the honor of having my “soul story” featured on the Sage Wedding Pros’ blog. Thanks Michelle & Kelly!

Happy Monday!

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