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Georgetown & Washington DC Engagement Session: Teaser


A teaser? Yes, a teaser. I know, I don’t usually do these, but this fabulous couple deserves at least a sneak peek from their Washington DC engagement session! More to come next week, promise.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come. Kelly & Daniel, you both were great!


I’m so glad Kelly and Daniel suggested going to Georgetown, where this photo was shot. It was dark, but gotta love rocking the ambient and available light.

Happy Thursday!


Lincoln Memorial Engagement Session: Danielle & Keith | Washington, D.C.


Since I’m a self-proclaimed multitasker extradordinaire, I booked a couple of engagement sessions while I was on one last business trip for my full time job. Why not? I was in Washington, D.C. and with all kinds of great photo ops, I thought it would be fun to fill my limited free time.

Danielle and Keith. What can I say about them? They were SO MUCH fun to work with. I know, I always say that, but I mean it. I love my FUN clients. As luck would have it, the engagement session almost didn’t happen. In fact, there was a problem with the trains coming into DC, that the very train that Danielle and Keith were on had to be single-tracked. I’m totally not up and up on the lingo, but I guess that means that there was only one track for the trains to use. But luckily, everything worked out and Danielle and Keith made it to the Lincoln Memorial.

Danielle and Keith’s engagement session was full of big smiles and big laughs. They were excited to have their session in Washington, D.C., because although they grew up in the general area, they had never really done the tourist thing in D.C. I’m happy to have drawn them out! I LOVED all the colors in Danielle’s dress and when guys aren’t scared to wear something bold like purple! This couple is so obviously in love! Danielle and Keith, I wish you all the best in your wedding planning, get ready for a wild ride!







Love it when my clients laugh. Whether at each other or at my incredibly witty jokes! (Well, hopefully witty jokes.)





Danielle and Keith asked to have a couple of photos re-enacting a proposal. Keith is a totally fun-loving guy and this just shows it:


At the end of our engagement session, we tried to hail cabs. On a busy street right next to the Lincoln Memorial. After about ten minutes of failed attempts, we quickly learned that in order to find a cab, you look for the taxi stand. Yeah, we felt a little silly, but we all learned something new!

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