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It’s Hot in Here. Really Hot.


The weather is one of those subjects you can remark upon when in an awkward situation…or when you have nothing to talk about. I guess I’m kind of proving that point by writing about the weather here.


When the thermometer in the car reads at 116 degrees and then eventually goes down to 102 or so, it’s just unacceptable. Stifling. Killer. I know, I know, I moved to Dallas in August. I knew that it would be hot. I knew that it would be ridiculously hot. I’m just trying to learn to accept the heat, since we can either be fast friends or faster enemies. Personally, I’d rather be friends. Or at least smiley acquaintances.

Okay, now that’s it’s off my chest, I’d like to ask Mother Nature to bestow the lovely weather in Hawaii across the country. A balmy 80 degrees with the occasional rain shower? I’d be up for that. Of course, that’s why Hawaii is so highly sought after, it’s just dreamy there!

Speaking of Hawaii, how about some photos? We went to Kauai for our honeymoon and it was a wonderful week in paradise.

They certainly don’t call Kauai the “Garden Isle” for nothing. There is so much greenery there, than nothing on the mainland can compare. I just notice the brown spots and dead patches on grass. It’s truly tropical.

One from the road. We were upgraded to a convertible when the Alamo agent heard that we were on our honeymoon, score!

Beautiful Poipu. The clear blue sky along with the crystal blue water.

We saw dolphins! Lots of them. We took a boat tour along the Na Pali Coast and spinner dolphins were roaming the shallows.

Here they are unearthing a traditional Imu Pig, cooked in an underground oven with lava rocks. They said, “Don’t try this at home.”

One of us, toasting to newlywed life! I think Mai Tais were our new favorite while on the Island.

Besides the heat, married life has been a fun ride!

Now, to tackle all those thank you cards…

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