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Favorite Find: The Beauty Department


My introduction to hair and makeup was through the ballet world. I knew about ballet hair (pulled tight into a bun) and ballet makeup for the stage (bright eyeshadows and lips), but growing up, I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was a junior in high school. And trust me, makeup for the stage is WAY different than everyday makeup. Even then, I was never the super girly girl who knew all about makeup. I had friends like that, and I always wished I knew more. Like how to apply makeup properly, and even now, I’m still figuring out how to do a smokey eye and loose waves in my hair.

A few weeks ago I was excited to discover this blog, The Beauty Department, that is chock full of tutorials, hair and makeup trends, and everything and anything related to beauty. As someone who isn’t naturally inclined to all things hair and makeup, this is a gold mine of information.

The Beauty Department Blog

Some posts to get your started:

Blow Drying Heavy Bangs

Basic Bridal Makeup

Short Stuff

Red Lips

What are some beauty things you wish you knew more about?

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