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A Year of Thanks in a Week: Photographers


Never did I imagine that I would be where I am today. At all. And I know that it wouldn’t be possible without the help of other photographers. Without. a. doubt. Today I’m so thankful for all the photographers I have met and will continue to connect with.

Where do I even begin this post of thanking photographers? I guess I should dial it back to the beginning?

If you’re interested about my beginnings of this adventure, you can read them here. I have to give mad thanks to David Jay and Jasmine Star. They inspired me and showed me that it was possible.

I’m so thankful for sitting next to Lydia of Lydia Photography at the Free to Succeed Tour. My heart’s passion was reaffirmed in the conversation we exchanged and contact we’ve kept up. I’m thankful for Laura Stetser of Laura Lynne Photography for befriending me in the restroom. Yes, the restroom. Together, we briefly got to meet and chat with Jasmine Star. After this first seminar, my photographic life exploded.

I’m thankful for Jennifer Hosler of Candid Moments Weddings. She invited me to tag along on my first wedding. I’m thankful for Robert Her of nLighten Images who asked me to second shoot with him. I’m thankful Lilia Ahner of Lilia Photography for organizing the San Francisco Photographer’s Happy Hour. Turns out we went to the same high school! I’m thankful for having the opportunity of meeting mentors like Gene Higa and Ann Hamilton.

Picture 4

I’m thankful to have met Tiffany Fosnight of Adeline & Grace Photography, Dia Rao, Laura Meyer, and Terra Tabbytosavit through Liana Lehman Hall’s workshop, Bananas EDU‘s Business Boot Camp. I’m thankful that Liana teaches all the not-so-fun stuff because photographers are not only artists, but we have to be business people as well.

I’m thankful for Lawrence Chan of Tofurious for teaching and sharing online marketing strategies. I’m thankful for photographers and leaders like Dane Sanders and [b]ecker who are creating and fostering photographic communities that are about sharing and giving so that we can all succeed. Being for each other. Check out Ask Dane and the [B] School.

I’m thankful for meeting and connecting with other photographers in person, like Scarlett Lillian, who recognized me at WPPI. (Also why it’s important to have a picture of yourself on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

I’m thankful for all the photographers that give and share. For the sake of giving and sharing. Seriously, y’all inspire me. I’m thankful for wonderful folks like Justin & Mary Marantz and Zach & Jody Gray, who I was lucky enough to meet in person at Pictage PartnerCon.

When I knew that I would be moving to Dallas and taking my fledgling photography business with me I was nervous about it. I had spent most of the year meeting and making friends with photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m thankful for my Bay Area photographer friends, Lisa Whalen, Chris & Sara Goetz, Rosaura Sandoval, and Dustin & Aimee Hatcher of True Beauty Photography.

I was overwhelmed with the fact that I would have to do it all again in Dallas. But the folks in Dallas have been nothing short of amazing. Special shout outs go to my new Dallas and Fort Worth base of photographer friends. I’d be a lost California girl without you! Karyn Kelbaugh, Maggie McDonald, Amy Karp, Jenna Cole, Jason Huang of Table4 Weddings, Cesar & Tanya of Perez Photography, Celina Gomez, Allison Davis, Stacy Reeves, Kari Crowe, Sheila Hannus, Ben & Chrys Q, Lynette J, Jared Rey,  and so many others… And I can’t forget my other Texans, Chasity of Studio 423 and Christine Tremoulet (love them hot dance biscuits!).

Oh! And I can’t forget my Twitter friends too! Shout outs to Whitney Elizabeth, Araxi, Heidi Ryder, Kim of Just Kim Photography, Jordana of Hazelnut Photography, Ala of Modern Type Photography, Jasmine Marie, and Melissa McClure. I love keeping up with the goings on of the photography world one tweet at a time.

I’m sure this list could go on and on, and I’m afraid I probably forgot some folks, which I do apologize for. I appreciate you! I feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of this amazing industry in which I can connect with people near and far and share ideas and where we support each other to succeed. Love it.

Thank you. Infinity-fold.


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