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The Moving Chronicles: Becoming Texan


Who knew that moving to a different state required so much to become “official”? It starts with officially changing your permanent address. Thankfully, the US Postal Service makes it super easy to do it online. I mean, I knew about the whole car registration thing, but then of course there’s the license plate thing, and last but not least the driver’s license thing.

Last week, I received this in the mail:

And I knew that the handwriting was on the wall. I better get myself to those government offices and make this official.

For this California girl, born and raised, an invitation to become Texan is pretty mind blowing. However, I find it very handy that the state of Texas did send me a set of directions for getting everything in order.

I mean, you know, they do say, “Don’t mess with Texas” for a reason.

Oh and I’m still shopping for some good Cowboy boots.

If you’re wondering what it takes to officially become Texan, visit their sites Texas In Your Corner and Texas Online.

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