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September Self-Portrait


Let me just say right now that taking a self-portrait is not as easy as I thought it would be.

It’s way harder than I anticipated.

Last year, I tried to do a 365 project – where I would take a photo everyday day and post it. Well, after the first two months I started to fall behind and it was no longer a fun project worth pursuing. I think it could definitely work as an iPhone project, but for me, I got really tired of taking photos of everyday objects. So, I let the project slide and I never completed it.

I was reading about self portraits, and I found this great post by photographer Sarah Rhoads on self portraits. I’ve seen other photographers work on a self portrait project, and with a once monthly photo, it’s something I can definitely get on board with. And I thought that it would be interesting to turn the camera on myself and see what happens. When I was little I always thought that the year began in September, so what better time to start this project?

So I took my first stab at it yesterday. I thought it would be a quick few shots. I took more like 40 until I came to the last shot where I was satisfied. I know, I’m my own biggest critic, but luckily, I shot a frame that I was happy with. And it’s not my usual smile, and typically, I don’t like photos of myself without a smile, but this one…this one is different.

If you’re a photographer, I’d encourage you to try it out. My arms certainly got a workout.

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