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Family: Zane & Dash | Tower Lawn | San Jose State University


It’s been a long time since I’ve been around any babies. The youngest of my cousins is now six, so I think it’s been about that long since the last time I’ve seen a little baby, let alone twins. But now it seems like everyone is pregnant! A friend from college just announced that she was expecting too (congrats Amanda and Vince!).

Zane and Dashiel’s mom, Darlene, used to work for the company I currently work for. She asked me about doing a session for her boys, and I of course said, “Yes!” I had the pleasure of photographing Zane and Dash a couple of weeks ago. They are seriously the cutest! At almost six months old, they were excellent little models. They have the most amazing blue eyes, blue like I’ve never seen before.








I could not resist these little toes! How cute are they?!


Thanks Zane and Dash, and mom and dad for hanging out with me! I had a great time!

Happy Friday!


Congratulations, Mom!


This past Saturday marked a momentous occasion. My mom graduated from her graduate school program in Nursing Education. It’s been a crazy 18 months with her taking on an accelerated program, my dad getting laid off and finding a new job, my engagement and wedding plans, my sister starting college, and all the while juggling a full time job as a maternity nurse. It’s been a long time coming. And it’s finally here. Did I mention she was also invited into the nursing honor society, Sigma Theta Tau? Personally, I don’t know how she did it, but she did! She’s a rockstar.

Her project was entitled “Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Clinical Simulation During a Maternity Nursing Scenario”. She walked about 100 nursing students through a full maternity simulation. As in robots. As in robots that can simulate birth. With pistons that push out robot babies! The technology is here, and I’m proud to say my mom is in the forefront of the research with maternity-focused simulations. I’m also pretty stoked to say that I taught her about Google Docs Forms which helped her collect data for her project. Had to throw my two cents in!


Dr. Gonzales (my mom’s advisor) pre-hooding.


Hooded with the Master’s hood.


My mom shared her San Jose State University stole with my dad, as thanks for support for making it through the program together.


My parents are cute.




My aunt and grandma.

I’m so proud of my mom’s accomplishment. After many late nights working delivering babies and late nights writing and revising her paper, she made it through and submitted her project for publication. I hope it gets published! With her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education, she’ll be teaching tomorrow’s nurses. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Mom!

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