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Heidi & Blayne : Engaged | Ferry Building | The Embarcadero


They knew that they would get married. They had talked about it. It was going to happen.

The question that remained was when.

As preparations for Christmas began, they set up their little tree. After an exhausting day of decorating, she was too pooped to move. When he called her into the other room to check out the tree, she almost didn’t budge. But something told her to get up and check it out.

Perched upon a branch of the little Christmas tree was something sparkly. Something that wasn’t an ornament she could recall. It was a ring. In that moment, he asked her to spend her life with him. Blayne proposed to Heidi. She said, “Yes!”

I had the esteemed honor of shooting Heidi and Blayne’s engagement session along the Embarcardero in San Francisco. Heidi and Blayne currently live and work in Hawaii, but both had short stints living in California. Heidi contacted me a few months ago about shooting their e-session while on a short vacation in Califonia. They thought it would be fun to get some urban shots in San Francisco, and so did I! Heidi and Blayne were great to work with! They even brought me some Chocolate Caramel covered Macadamia Nuts. Mmmm.















Thank you Heidi and Blayne for a great session! And thanks for the chocolates from Hawaii! Happy planning!


Melissa & John: Engaged | Ghirardelli Square and Baker Beach


High School Sweethearts. That’s what Melissa and John are, high school sweethearts. How cute is that? I feel like I don’t hear about too many of those anymore, now that I’ve been removed from college for a handful of years. So it totally gives me the warm fuzzies when I hear about a couple who are high school sweethearts.

Melissa and John are from outside of Sacramento and drove down to San Francisco for their engagement session. Originally, we were supposed to shoot their session in May, but dark clouds hung overhead, threatening rain, so we canceled. Leading up to this time around, I kept my fingers (and toes!) crossed that the weather would behave. And it did!

We had a great time hanging out around Ghirardelli Square and then we ventured over to Baker Beach. The clouds and fog were being really cooperative and I was able to get some sweet shots of the Golden Gate. That doesn’t always happen in San Francisco!










Thanks Melissa and John for hanging out with me! Have fun planning for your September 2010 wedding!


Ngan & Donald : Engaged | The Embarcardero | San Francisco


She noticed him first. Ngan had a crush on him. But he was just a friend. At least that’s what she thought. They were running in intersecting circles of friends and would see each other frequently. They would hang out in groups  and she’d look for a glimmer of a sign. Maybe they could be something more?

Eventually Donald noticed Ngan, too. He thought she was cute. She thought he was cute. With each brush of their hands, they wondered if it meant something, but never asked each other. Finally, Donald wrote Ngan a letter. He expressed everything that wasn’t coming to him verbally. And, they’ve been together ever since. After seven years of dating, Donald popped the question to Ngan over a beautiful surprise dinner at French Laundry. Ngan told me she was totally surprised. My favorite kind of proposal!

Ngan and Donald are also the AWESOME couple who brought me cupcakes to their engagement shoot. They were so much fun to hang out with! Thanks you two!

We started at the far end of the Embarcardero






















I love me some sun flare!


Thanks again Ngan and Don for making my job super easy. You two were so fun and easy going! Good luck with the rest of your planning!

CLICK HERE for slideshow, back in full effect! :)


Aimee & Nico: Engaged


The sun was shining brightly. The weather was warm. An unusually beautiful day in San Francisco. And a perfect day for an engagement shoot.

Blind dates can be iffy. You never know how it’s going to go. And blind dates have this stigma of being a “BLIND DATE” and it inevitably going awry. Well, Aimee and Nico are a blind date success story. They met through their friends who set them up, and have been together ever since.

In spite of the span of California separating them, Aimee in the Bay Area and Nico in So Cal, they “made it work”, in true Tim Gunn/Project Runway style.

Aimee and Nico are totally my kind of couple. Fun, energetic, so in love, and totally at ease in front of the camera. I didn’t even have to say anything and they were workin’ it. I even asked Nico, “Did you used to be a model? You have this ‘look'” and I was totally kidding. But turns out that he once was!

They are in love and it shows crystal clear. Plus they’ve been doing the long distance thing for nearly their entire courtship, just like Cent and I. Brutal, yet completely worth it.

After their wedding in August, Aimee and Nico will be relocating to Minnesota for school! I asked them if they were ready for some snow, especially after living in California. Not really. But if it means they get to be in the same place and the same time, what’s a little change in the weather?

For some more of their awesome engagement session, CLICK HERE for the slideshow!

Aimee and Nico, have a fabulous wedding and best wishes for your happy ever after!


Shirley & Patrick : Engaged


It was a very blustery day.

It was gray and wet and misty.

And the sky threatened to open up and pour down rain. But it didn’t.

Someone was looking out for us on Saturday.

Shirley and Patrick first met through a San Francisco-based Activities Club. Shirley had organized an event, and Patrick was the only one to show up. What could have been seen as a bust, turned out to be very successful indeed. I met with  Shirley and Patrick at the Legion of Honor on Saturday for their engagement session as we braved the looming rain and frigid winds. In spire of the weather, we had a great session!

After that, we went to China Beach where we had to descend a steep set of stairs. Shirley was wearing a pretty serious pair of heels and stared at the challenge. Patrick, without second thought, ran back to the car, and brought her a pair of his shoes so she could get down the stairs without breaking her neck or ankle. So sweet. She may have looked a little silly, but what did it matter? They are a definite team!

I have to give some serious props to Shirley who toughed it out in the cold in a strapless dress, including the wind chill factor it must have been between 30-40 degrees! That’s FREEZING by California standards. By the end, Patrick was swinging Shirley around on the beach like it was 80 degrees outside. Who cares about the cold when you’re fiance can keep you warm?!

Click HERE for the SLIDESHOW!

Shirley and Patrick, I hope you have a fabulous wedding, come May! Go ahead and rock your FOUR dresses!

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