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Gorgeous Wedding Invitations without Breaking the Bank


I’m a huge fan of paper. And pens. Just ask my mom.

When I was a kid we’d go to a store like Staples or Office Max and I could spend a solid hour staring at the varieties of writing instruments and writing surfaces, before we dragged ourselves out so we didn’t splurge on the newest, coolest pens. Because we totally would have.

And now that I’m in the wedding industry, there are so many varieties and areas where pretty paper can come into play.

One of those areas is, of course, your wedding invitations.

As a bride who decided to DIY her invitations, let me say right now that it not only takes time, it takes sweat equity. And the help of willing slaves volunteers. Like my sister. And it takes an eye for design, which after going through the process, I’ve decided that if I had to do it again, I’d hire some help. And finally, just because you do-it-yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be less expensive. To see how ours turned out, check out this post with our wedding invitations.

But if you don’t have the time, don’t have the designing eye, don’t have an army of help, and don’t quite have the budget for custom stationery, there is help!

Enter Minted.

I love how these wedding invitations are modern and quirky and a little unexpected.

Minted Invitation

One of things I love about Minted is that they have design challenges several times a year, inviting all designers to submit. Then the favorites get voted on. It’s a great opportunity for newer designers to get some exposure.

Minted Invitation

These invitations start around $234 for 100 invitations & envelopes.

Minted Invitation

Minted Invitation

Who said your invitations can’t be fun and whimsy? Your wedding is all about YOU, as a couple and even your invitations should reflect it.

Minted also carries a line of letterpress (looooove letterpress!) invitations.

So if you’re looking for an option that is more than DIY, but less than full on custom, consider

From now until the end of the month in celebration of their 2nd year, Minted is offering three free samples (code: SAMPLES) or 15% off all wedding invitations (code: LAUNCH15). The 15% discount also applies to their beautiful save the date cards for those of you who are a little earlier in the planning process.

Happy Tuesday!

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