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Our Wedding: The Cakes were AWESOME!


Today is pretty sweet, even for Friday the 13th. It’s the first day where I felt like our house started to feel like HOME. We’re slowly moving into our home, we had the carpets cleaned, I’ve been mopping floors, and this weekend we move the big furniture. After this weekend, we’ll start actually LIVING there! Woo hoo!

As a Happy Friday celebration, I wanted to share our awesome and amazing wedding cakes! These photos were taken by our rad photographer, Travis Hoehne.


For our main wedding cake, I knew I wanted something a little different. When our cake designer told me she could make it any color, I knew I wanted the blue! I know, I’m totally blue obsessed, it’s the color in my branding, soon to be the color of my office, it’s everywhere for me…I’m drawn to it. Since Cent and I met as interns at Walt Disney World, we weaved in some Disney touches into our wedding. Jen’s Cakes was SOOOO awesome and easy to work with. Not only do they make beautiful cakes, they are also DELICIOUS. And if you read this blog, you know I LOVE cake.


Our lovely floral designer Karen of Huckleberry Karen Designs hooked our cake up with pretty flowers.


On my last trip to Disneyland with my family, I saw this Lenox cake topper. It was the perfect way to tie in some Disney. My mom was able to find us one on eBay. Thanks Mom!

So in the planning stages, I had heard and read about “Grooms’ Cakes”, which is a Southern Tradition. While Cent has lived all over (his dad was in the Army), his family is from the South. My Granddaddy (my mom’s dad) was born and raised in Georgia. To celebrate them, we wanted to include some Southern traditions.


I forget how I originally found these custom cake toppers, it was probably through one of the awesome wedding blogs out there. Cent is a huge video gamer. He’s had every Nintendo system, the Sega Dreamcast, the three generations of Playstations. The Wii is the first system I can actually play on well, so it was game on when I found these. Paul Pape is the genius designer behind these Mii Cake Toppers. He hand crafts these. When I asked if he could add Mickey ears, he was game. (The hats are removable!)


When I asked Jen’s Cakes if she could make a Super Nintendo cake with Super Mario World game (Cent’s favorite game), she didn’t blink an eye. She took the idea and ran. And produced AMAZING results!


I have to thank our amazing vendors again for all their AWESOME work!

Jen’s Cakes
(408) 293.2253
1053 Lincoln Ave. Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95125

Huckleberry Karen Designs
(415) 290.4312

Paul Pape Designs

Travis Hoehne Photography

Happy Friday!


Dublin Ranch Golf Club Wedding: Vicki + Brian = Married!


They can be serious.

They can be funny.

They can be goofy on command.

Vicki and Brian are such a fun couple. They are clearly in love and will continue to grow together. Although I only met them on the day of their wedding at St. Augustine’s Church in Pleasanton, it was clear to me that they are the life of the party. They are like the floodlights that brighten up a stadium. Thanks for the honor of being part of your day!

I had the pleasure of tagging along with Jennifer Hosler of Candid Moments Weddings. We met virtually on the [b] School and she asked me if I’d be interested in coming along. I immediately and enthusiastically said “Yes!” The entire day was a total rush and so much fun. I learned a lot just from where to stand to logistics of family portraits to using flash during the reception.  At the end of the night, I was elated. I though, “I can totally do this again, it was FUN!” A fun job? Heck yeah!

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for, the photos!














Brian is hilarious. Seriously. I’ve never met a groom so full of silly until today. Thank you Brian for keeping me laughing.

This is my favorite one of the day! Brian couldn’t stop making faces!








Sweet moment between Brian and his Grandma.

Brian’s parents are great dancers!



Thanks again to Jennifer for inviting me to help capture Vicki and Brian’s day!

PS. Turned out that one of the groomsmen was my classmate in high school!

Church: St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
Pleasanton, CA 94566-7264
(925) 846-4489

Reception: Dublin Ranch Golf Club
5900 Signal Hill Drive
Dublin, CA 94568
Tel: (925) 556-7040

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