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The Mac and Cheese Incident


I love Macaroni and Cheese.

Cent hates cheese.

Therefore, we don’t eat it very often, we never eat it. Except on special occasions.

This past Thanksgiving in Savannah, and I feasted on my mother-in-law’s macaroni and cheese. In my family, it was never a dish at Thanksgiving, but I think it will now have to be. And since Cent doesn’t eat it, I ate his share as well.

So, a few weeks ago, when we went to Pensacola to celebrate Cent’s mom’s birthday, I was reacquainted with the famous Mac and Cheese. Cent’s great-aunt whipped up a batch after a special request from Cent’s brother, Courtney. And when I saw the HUGE baking dish (like full size chafing dish), my eyes lit up.

When it came time to go back to Dallas, Cent’s mom asked me if I wanted to take some Mac and Cheese home. OF COURSE! So I cut a portion and slipped it into a Ziplock bag for safe keeping.

Before leaving the house the next morning, I was reminded to grab my Ziplock bag, and I dropped it into my purse. I know, totally classy, stashing a gallon-sized bag of Mac and Cheese in my purse.

When we arrived at the airport, I thought it would be weird to have said Mac and Cheese in my purse, so I told Cent to put it in his carry-on suitcase.

I really didn’t want it to get confiscated. I mean, it wasn’t a liquid or technically a gel.

So we proceed through security and everything seems to be going fine. I make it through. And so does Cent, except for his suitcase. The TSA ask to re-run it. I saw the Pensacola airport’s TSA agents’ puzzled faces, and worried that my beloved food was going to get thrown out.

In the meantime, Cent is joking that the block of Mac and Cheese is going to get mistaken for a kilo of an illicit substance. I whacked him and told him that that’s like saying we’re packing a “B-O-M-B,” you just don’t joke about that.

Then the TSA agent comes back and says, “We’ll need to inspect your bag, sir.”

And he opens it up.

There lies the gallon-sized Ziplock bag of Macaroni and Cheese, on top of clothing and shoes.

The TSA agent clears us and says, “Next time, go ahead and run your mac and cheese through the x-ray machine. Otherwise it shows up as a questionable mass on the screen. Have a great trip.”


Seriously, I think I was more concerned that baggie was going to get confiscated than anything else.

It was totally worth it though. My mother-in-law’s family macaroni and cheese recipe is amazing.

So for future reference, you can carry-on Macaroni and Cheese. Just don’t try to hide it. Poorly.

Happy Thursday!

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