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We’ve been living in our house for about five months. And one of the fabulous things about our house is that I have an office. A space dedicated to my business and all my photography related stuff. So you know, I don’t leave it all over the living room.

Well, I only started using my office last week.

And we only put my desk together about four weeks ago.

While I’m not giving reasons about not using my office sooner, I am here to stress the importance of a good chair.

You see, after my desk was ready to go and became a landing spot for laptops, pens, and notebooks, I couldn’t work at it because I didn’t have a chair. And I wanted to stop having an excuse for not using my office. Because up until that point, I was using the living room as an office. And hunching over my new desk or kneeling on tiles didn’t seem like a very conducive way to work.

So I ventured out to one of my favorite stores, Target. I know, Target isn’t Office Chair Central, but I needed a chair, and while I’m saving up for a swanky, cushy office chair, I figured I could just do with a regular metal folding chair.

I started working in my office yesterday and after about an hour of editing, my butt cried, “Uncle!” and forced me to get up. Seriously, this metal chair is like sitting on the tile floor. Hard. And not butt friendly.

I should have at least purchased the padded metal folding chair. But at $9.99, what was I to expect?

The tag should have said, “Comfort not included.”

One day, I’ll have my chair.

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