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Shooting for Myself


Sometimes, I just need to photograph for myself. To get creative on my own time. To explore new ideas sans the pressure of a wedding day. Practicing what can work for engagement sessions, Beloved sessions, and the wedding day. And having fun, of course!

This past weekend while I was in California for Liz and Ryan’s wedding, I got together with a friend who’s majorly into style and collaborated. I love collaboration of this sort. It was me, her, and a friend who used to model. Perfect! Paired with a nice day in San Francisco with warm, buttery light, and it was a fun, casual, and super stylish portrait session.

Meet Kate.

Noe Valley San Francisco Fashion Shoot Catie Ronquillo Photography

We used to work together at the same company. While I toiled on Statistics books, she at least got something a little more interesting with Health and Nutrition books. Relatively speaking, of course. She now works elsewhere and writes a style-filled blog called Undeniable Style. Oh and she’s a quilter, too. She’s made some of the most amazing quilts that make the domestic section of my heart aflutter.

So this is just a teaser while I catch up on editing from this weekend’s wedding and Kate’s shoot.

Kate told me she wasn’t a model.

I told her my clients aren’t models either.

With a little help from her friend, Dara, I think we brought the model out in Kate. What do you think?

Noe Valley San Francisco Fashion Shoot Catie Ronquillo Photography

Happy Tuesday!

Much more of this shoot and Liz and Ryan’s wedding coming up!

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