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The License Plates


One of things that I dreaded the most after moving to Texas was kind of silly. I didn’t want to give up my California license plates.

Seriously. It was like one of the last tangible things that marked me as Californian.

I know, it’s just a license plate, but it was still part of me.

But finally, in order to be compliant with the law (ahem to some out of state friends who still have their home state’s plates!), I caved and went and got my car registered and up to standards for Texas.

After I received my plates – which is right on the spot here in TX – I waited to put them on my car. I rationalized that I needed Cent to do it. So Cent, having the “just get it done” spirit, changed my plates for me. And you know I had to document it. We actually did this in October.

I think it took me longer than usual to post this because I wanted to share the story, but needed to creatively edit the photos. Because, well, you never know.

So you can sort of see in this next picture that I actually have two plates on the front of my car. Even my car couldn’t part with being Californian! We tried to pull it off, but we were afraid it might pull off the front of the car, because we totally have super-human strength! (joke!)

So registering your car in Texas is actually pretty simple if you are coming from out of state.

  1. Go get your car inspected. You can go almost anywhere they fix cars. Ask for a “state inspection.”
  2. Once inspected, you’ll receive a piece of paper stating you are an out of state registration.
  3. Go down to your local county tax office. Bring your previous state registration, title, and proof of insurance.
  4. Pay all the fees. Bring cash or pay the fees at the onsite ATM.
  5. Voila you have a legal vehicle in Texas.

Visit the Texas Department of Transportation for more information.


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