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Aimee & Nico: Engaged


The sun was shining brightly. The weather was warm. An unusually beautiful day in San Francisco. And a perfect day for an engagement shoot.

Blind dates can be iffy. You never know how it’s going to go. And blind dates have this stigma of being a “BLIND DATE” and it inevitably going awry. Well, Aimee and Nico are a blind date success story. They met through their friends who set them up, and have been together ever since.

In spite of the span of California separating them, Aimee in the Bay Area and Nico in So Cal, they “made it work”, in true Tim Gunn/Project Runway style.

Aimee and Nico are totally my kind of couple. Fun, energetic, so in love, and totally at ease in front of the camera. I didn’t even have to say anything and they were workin’ it. I even asked Nico, “Did you used to be a model? You have this ‘look'” and I was totally kidding. But turns out that he once was!

They are in love and it shows crystal clear. Plus they’ve been doing the long distance thing for nearly their entire courtship, just like Cent and I. Brutal, yet completely worth it.

After their wedding in August, Aimee and Nico will be relocating to Minnesota for school! I asked them if they were ready for some snow, especially after living in California. Not really. But if it means they get to be in the same place and the same time, what’s a little change in the weather?

For some more of their awesome engagement session, CLICK HERE for the slideshow!

Aimee and Nico, have a fabulous wedding and best wishes for your happy ever after!

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