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Wedding Bells and Blogging


It’s 1:07am. I get married in a little under 72 hours and what am I doing? Blogging. Gotta let my readers know that I haven’t melted off the planet! Or gone insane with wedding planning. In fact, I think I’ve been told, “You’re so calm” more than I ever have in my life. Let’s talk Saturday morning, it could be a totally different story.

Cent arrived yesterday with his brother. We applied and received our marriage license from the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. It was an easier process than I had expected. About 30 mins and $84 dollars later we can officially get married. Make sure you bring a government issued ID as well as the decision about changing your name (if applicable). But other than that, we were in and out pretty quickly.

I finally met a handful of his close friends after hearing so much about them. This afternoon we went up to San Francisco and nearly froze off all our appendages. Considering that it was 100+ degrees in the East Bay yesterday, which meant 80+ in San Francisco, I figured that the weather would be pleasant in the city. I was wrong. I showed all the folks from Atlanta that California being a warm state isn’t necessarily the case.

I have a couple of fun sessions to blog coming up! About a month ago, I met up with my friend Rosie, and new friend Julie, for a fun little shoot where we played with light. Rosie’s friend, Maggie was our super awesome model. Here’s a little teaser:


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