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TSA Geeks and other San Diego Adventures


“It’s supposed to snow on Sunday.”

That’s what Cent told me on Friday morning after I had arrived in San Diego for Charlene and Ron’s wedding. Which, at the time, was really difficult to fathom as I looked out at a Palm tree, leaves blowing in the wind on a mild January day. I knew the possible consequences of his weather report: I could get stuck in San Diego. Now, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but I also had to get back to Dallas.

Well, the weather didn’t cancel my flight last night (thankfully, not so lucky for those headed to Atlanta), but I did get stopped. At security. Me and TSA, we’re like BFFs, because somehow, about every fourth time I fly, my bag has to get searched. It wasn’t Mac & Cheese or batteries this time, but my gear. Fortunately, the TSA agent was a bit of a camera geek, and said, “I’ll try not to drool over your equipment,” his words, not mine. And while I was nervous to let him handle my camera gear (he told me I couldn’t touch anything until he was done examining), I instructed him on what to move before he broke anything. There could have been a TSA throwdown…just sayin’.

I got to spend Sunday in San Diego with my dear friend, Hana. She took me to this delicious French Bistro called Café Bleu. Their jam, YUM!

baguette from cafe bleu hillcrest san diego

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