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Spread the Love: Dallas


Sometimes you meet people and you just know that your lives have to intersect. And intersect again. Even before you meet in person.

This is what it’s like with Justin and Mary Marantz. In a word, they are AMAZING!

On Tuesday, I attended their Spread the Love Workshop here in Dallas. After seeing them in New Orleans at the Pictage Partner Conference, it was a no-brainer about seeing them again. I mean, I got my ticket during their Black Friday Sale. While Cent was buying a new computer, I was getting my seat. Ever since I stumbled upon their blog, I think because Mary left me some blog love, I’ve been hooked. Their blog is like crack for a blog-a-holic like me. The stories, the beautiful photos, the advice and tips, their blog never ceases to draw me in, pull up a chair and get comfy to read.

Who are they? They are photographers from Conneticut, traveling the country, teaching other photographers and small business owners how to find balance with their business, finances, personal life, and world. Because when you are your own boss, it may seem like it’s “So TOTALLY AWESOME! No boss, no cubicle, no set work hours!” And yet, those might be the hardest parts about being your own boss. Discipline – whether it’s working too much or not working enough.

Justin and Mary keep it real. Through their stories, questions, and attitudes. They show you how to build momentum and get your life in order, especially if your work life is becoming a slippery slope into despair. If you read their blog, they are the same in person. Which I love!

Fun fact: When I still lived in California, I casually entered a contest running on their blog. And I won! They sent me a gift card to MAC Cosmetics which I used for my wedding day lipstick.

Thanks to Brandy of Bella Pop Photography for snapping this photo. I brought my P&S, only to find out it didn’t have the memory card in it. Way to go me! Me in the middle with the cake I brought. Yeah, I know, I’m such a cake nut.

Thanks to Cristina Wisner for hosting at your studio!

Spread the Love is coming to a city near you, if it hasn’t already passed. If you’re in need of some balance in your life, want to learn about creating a client experience, or just want to have a great afternoon learning, be sure to check them out! I believe Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are up next.


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