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Be Loved.


I’m not going to fake the funk.

I don’t think I’m the best photographer ever. I don’t think I’m for everyone. And I am okay with that, because not everyone is for me.

I think that nowadays, with today’s technology and advancements in Digital SLR cameras, almost anyone can pick one up and take a decent photograph. There’s an auto function right? Anyone can take a photo.

But not everyone can necessarily capture the essence of the moment.

For me, wedding photography goes far beyond the photos. It’s not just about that. It’s so much more than just the day.

I’m a huge believer in the sanctity of marriage. I told Cent that there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges. We are in this together for life. I believe that the wedding is the kick off to the rest of your life as a married couple. A wedding is a day, and a marriage is a lifetime.

And I don’t say this to be funny or cute. But because I whole-heartedly believe it. I think all the details and stories and creations for your wedding are amazing and beautiful, but for me, it’s the relationship of the couple that gets me. Every time. When I see two hearts becoming one, I can’t help but smile. I can’t help but get a little weepy.

Because it’s beautiful. Two souls aligning their lives together. For better or worse. In sickness and in health. ‘Til death do us part.

My relationship with Cent has showed me what it was to love and be loved in return. And the warmth and joy that it has brought to my life. The feeling of a solid relationship where you trust the other person so much that you know that you will be safe in their presence. That is trust. That is respect. That is love.

And that is what I love about working with couples in love. Couples who are readying themselves for marriage. Couples who are planning a lifetime together. Couples who have been in love for years, and still make each others heart skip a beat. Even after 25+ years.

The sweet smile. The gentle kiss. The loving glances. All of it. Because I know that those couples feel so deeply for one another and can’t imagine their lives without each other.

With that, I’m introducing a new kind of photography offering: Beloved: portrait experiences for couples in love. You may be engaged, you may be dating, you may have been married for nineteen years or thirty-six. In whatever shape or form, you are in love. And you want to celebrate it.

Beloved Photography Sessions by Catie Ronquillo

For more information about Beloved sessions, contact me at studio (at) catieronquillo (dot) com.

To see one of the first my Beloved sessions, check out Lynn and Jon’s session at the Nylo at Legacy Hotel.


Back from Vegas and ready to go


Bright lights.

Smoky casinos.

Expensive food.

Staying up late. Waking up early.

Hanging out in Sin City with 12,000+ photographers.

Las Vegas is always a whirlwind experience. While I had a great time at WPPI, I’m so glad to be at home with Cent. Sleeping in my own home. With access to healthy food.

And sometimes, I should listen to my own advice. Including bringing my own point and shoot camera…because I left my point and shoot battery in the charger. AT HOME. Sometimes, it just doesn’t pay to try and be efficient.

I’m really excited about some of things that I learned at the conference, and can’t wait to implement them for my clients.

I’m extra stoked that I got to meet and learn from the super soulful artist and experiential photographer, Jesh de Rox. He even gave me three high fives. Three! Even though his platform class was a 8am after a big party night, I was wide awake and engaged in his presentation.

I was lucky enough to make it into Jasmine Star‘s platform class. I think people started lining up about two hours before, and there was almost a riot. Seriously. I love her new promo video. So amazing.

I was torn about which Tuesday class to attend. I wanted to see Justin & Mary in action, but as soon as I approached the room, MGM staff announced that they were sold out. No surprise, they are a powerhouse couple. They also have an amazing new promo video. I. was. moved. So I went to Dane Sanders‘ talk and was rocked with his new talk. It was awesome.

I attended some of Showit‘s (makers of my website software) mini seminars and met some super friendly people.

However, the best part about WPPI was seeing friends from California and all over the country, and meeting online friends in person. So cool!

And because I’m lame, I have very few photos to show for it. But I will be blogging a fashion shoot we did in Old Downtown Las Vegas!

Happy weekend!

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