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Jason Mraz: The Gratitude Cafe Tour


I knew about Jason Mraz before I even knew I knew about Jason Mraz. If that even makes sense. While he’s originally from Virginia, he got his start in San Diego, in a little coffee shop called Java Joe’s. He played Winterfest at my alma mater, UCSD. His face was emblazoned on a banner than hung in Price Center that I past by for at least 6 weeks. And yet, it didn’t register.

Thanks for my good friend and bridesmaid, Liz, I was introduced. I remember her telling me, “YOU HAVE TO COME CHECK HIM OUT!” Yes, it’s all caps worthy. I had the privilege of going to one of his early concerts in the San Diego neighborhood of Mira Mesa, at the Epicenter. I do believe it was 2002. His first album had just dropped – Waiting for My Rocket to Come. And I hadn’t heard any of his music.

All that changed as I stood sandwiched between Liz and some friends – the rest fans – and listened wholeheartedly to my new favorite artist. After the concert I bought his album and even got it autographed. And SHOOK HIS HAND. Little did I know how fun it would be to recount this story. So, so fun.

I saw him in concert two more times that year. He played at UCSD and my college BFF and bridesmaid Krystle came with me. After the concert we were on our way back to our on campus housing when we saw the tour bus. We considered waiting. We saw other people waiting. Why not? And as they say, good things come to those who wait.

And we got our ticket stubs signed. Oh good times!

The last time I saw Mraz perform was in 2005. The year I met Cent. In fact, I’m pretty sure the weekend that we went to that concert solidified our relationship. I say that because Cent had just moved back to Savannah and had to drive four hours down to Orlando to visit me. The concert was on a Sunday and he had to drive back to Savannah that night to go to work in the morning. He sacrificed sleep and 4 hours of driving up I-95 in total darkness for me. He must have thought I was special or something.

So last night, we went to the Jason Mraz concert at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie. It’s actually not too far from the house we are in the process of buying. My mom, who’s the best by the way, was able to hook us up with sweet tickets – 8th row center! Plus free parking and admission to the Club Lounge. (Thanks Mom!) Apparently, as long as you’re not toting a big DSLR with a 400mm lens, pictures are okay. So with our fantastic view of the stage, I was able to snap a few with my point and shoot.

And here’s the video:

Jason Mraz Concert – Grand Prairie from Catie Ronquillo on Vimeo.

Yeah, so I’m a big fan. But I’m not a groupie. And to use Jason’s words to describe his genre of music – it’s all kinds of Sunshine Bugaloo. I think that describes it nicely.

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