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Making Our House a Home


I never thought that we’d be able to buy a house so soon after getting married. Growing up in California, with the high cost of living, and the salary I was making back at my full time job, I would be lucky to have saved up for a house in ten years. And I was living with my parents at the time! One of the great things about Texas is definitely the lower cost of living, which allowed us to purchase our home two years ago. Those two years certainly flew by!

When I’m not photographing people, I love dreaming up ideas for making our house a home. Leaving our imprint so that friends and family know that this is where we live. A home full of personality and things we love. A home full of photos of loved ones and sentimental keepsakes. Thanks to Pinterest, I can easily keep ideas of house projects.

Here are just a few favorites:

Cute project for an old globe.

I love this chair, though I don’t think Crate and Barrel makes it anymore.

Love these lamps from West Elm.

I need to find a piece of scrap wood so I can do this. Such fun DIY art!

One day, we’ll have a wall menu. And I won’t have a run around trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

I think this will be my next project. I was thinking of matting photos I took in Europe 5 years ago and displaying them in the living room.

1. Photo via Shutterlylovely
2. Crate & Barrel Chair via Second Story View
3. Teardrop Table Lamps from West Elm
4. DIY Tutorial for Wood Stained Painting
5. Wall menu via House of Turquoise
6. Collage Wall via Holly Mathis Interiors

Happy Sunday!

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