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Of Wasps, Weeds, and Home Ownership


I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I’m from California.

While my move to Texas hasn’t completely shocked me culturally, (I explain Dallas as the LA of Texas to Californians), every now and then I run into something that baffles my Golden State mindset.

Like wasps. And weeds.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I never really had too many run-ins with wasps. There were the honey bees (I think…or Bumble?), but hardly ever a wasp. Or hornet. Or other scary nest building types. Well, maybe there were, but I never encountered them. Same difference.

Earlier this week, I identified a wasp on our patio. And I looked out the window to find that it was building a nest. So when Cent came home I told him to spray it down. Because it’s his job, duh. And being California-raised, I’ve never used wasp spray, nor have I seen it in action. When the sun set, and activity died down, Cent went outside and projected the spray from the back door. It’s seriously projectile! No wonder it tells you it’s 20-foot spray. Crazy.

Raid Wasp Hornet Spray

I definitely recommend keeping this on hand. My friend Karyn said so.

And the weeds. They are gargantuan here. My mom has a pretty green thumb and my parents have a landscaping service that comes to mow the lawn and trim branches. So I never remember having to do battle with weeds. At least not at home. Well, as soon as cold weather passed and the sun peeked out, the weeds came. And multiplied. And proliferated. Times a hundred.

Texas Weeds Killer Nutsedge

This is a Texan weed from our backyard. Don't hate.

We went to Home Depot to get our education on about the Texan weeds. And apparently, there’s this one type of weed that is called Nutsedge, and it looks like grass, and it grows some deep roots. And, of course, it requires a special type of weed killer that is used on pro golf courses. It’s called Image. The lady at Home Depot swears by it.

Image Nutsedge Killer

Oh, the things you learn when you’re a homeowner. In Texas.

Remember, wasp spray and weed killer.

Any other tips on home ownership in Dallas, Texas? And any landscaper referrals would be much appreciated. :)

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