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The Waiting Period


Buying a house is hardly for the weak of heart. You have to have endurance. You have to have stamina. Because seriously, it’s like a race. It’s like a mental and emotional roller coaster. Excitement. Nervousness. Disappointment. Elation. It’s like, make up your mind about how I should feel!

Like the old adage says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is true for houses as well. While we survived our home inspection, and while we didn’t think we’d get through it without a problem, there are definitely some things that need to be addressed before we sign our lives away for the second time at closing.

And so we wait.

I’m thankful that we were hooked up with an awesome home inspector. He was super thorough, like nooks and crannies thorough. If you’re in need of a home inspector in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, call Bud. You won’t be sorry.

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