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Happy Halloween!


Growing up, the best part about Halloween was the candy. I remember sifting through our Halloween bags looking for the good stuff. Mini-sized candy bars, mainly. We’d sort our candy into the “Keep” bucket and the “Give Away” bucket, and my mom would take the other candy to work. Because honestly, there are only so many Tootsie Rolls you can eat before it gets old.

I was lucky to have a mom who sewed. She made our Halloween costumes almost every year. One year I was Garfield. As in the cat. Yes, the big, lazy, orange one. So was my sister. I need to find a photo of that.

And then, when I became a junior high schooler, I wasn’t that into dressing up in costumes. Because something told me I was too cool for school to dress up in a silly costume. Lame, I know.  When all the other kids showed up in costume, I felt compelled to participate. However, my costume usually ended up being a half-hearted attempt to look like I was wearing a costume. Without trying. Lame, I know.

The activity that most puts me in the spirit of Halloween fun is carving pumpkins. Last weekend, I carved this pumpkin, please excuse the graininess of my iPhone shot:


Sadly, since I kept the jack-o-lantern inside due to the torrential rain we’ve been having, it started to mold pretty quickly. I’m glad I got this shot before it got all mushy.

And let’s talk about scary movies. They aren’t my thing. I remember watching Scream with a blanket over my head. Like I start covering my eyes if there’s even a hint of ominous music. This week I watched Trick r’ Treat with Cent, because he asked. I told him he had to protect me from the scary parts. After the movie, I thought I’d have to sleep with one eye open. For the rest of the week too. Luckily, no nightmares have invaded.

Check out the candy we found at Ikea a few weeks ago. I think, or at least I hope, this was just lost in translation. Because, seeing “Jelly Rats” is a serious marketing fail. Otherwise, this would make for interesting Halloween candy decorations. Like on a cupcake or something.

Jelly Rats from Ikea

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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