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Grapevine & Highland Park Engagement: Samantha & Jon


Meet Samantha & Jon, who are getting married in April. They are the picture of a dream couple to work with. Laid back, fun to hang out with, and down to earth good people. I’m excited because their working with one of my favorite wedding planners in Dallas, After Yes! And I’m extra excited because they’ll be having peach cobbler in lieu of a groom’s cake. It’s the little things, really.

They are just the sweetest couple and I had a great time on their engagement session. I know they were stoked to cross another item off their list as it grows closer to their big day.

We wandered the streets of Historic Downtown Grapevine, and it happened to be the Saturday before Halloween, so we spied a bunch of people in costumes, including an alligator, a cow, and a bunch of zombies. I love the old feeling of Grapevine with its abundance of brick walls and alleys, perfect little nooks and crannies for a photo session.

From Grapevine, we dashed across the Metroplex to Lakeside Park in Highland Park. It’s a lovely, quiet little park, and who knew there was a lake there? Although, I must warn you, there are some territorial ducks who quacked their little hearts out at me. Like, seriously.

I loved Sam’s dress! So pretty.

Isn’t this tree so cool?! It looks like it’s about to fall into the lake, but luckily for us, it was still well rooted in the ground.

Thanks Sam and Jon for a great time on your engagement session. I’m excited for your wedding in the Spring!


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Our Wedding: The Photobooth = Major Fun!


Yay! We have our wedding photos once again. First, we thought our photos were lost by the US Postal Service. Then, we went to visit my in-laws in Savannah, and we forgot the disc on their desk. Thankfully, Cent’s brother, Courtney sent them back to us. So yay! They are back in possession AND it’s time to blog about our wedding. Our awesomely fun, totally personal, and all-around best time ever, if I do say so myself.

So for a little fun, I thought I’d start with our photobooth. I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I had seen wedding photobooths on the wedding blog circuit and to meet our wedding’s vision of FUN, knew that this would do the trick. And our venue, Castlewood Country Club had the perfect little nook in the back of the room to set it up. When I asked our awesome photographer, Travis, if he could set one up, he was totally on board. And it was so so so fun. Did I mention FUN?

First: my bridesmaids, Maggie, Elana, Krystle and Liz

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

With me and my sister, Stephanie.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My girls + guy  from UCSD.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

Mes amis francais from our study abroad program in Lyon, France.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

Us with Cent’s friends and his brother Courtney from Georgia Southern University.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My ballet teachers and their hubbies! Click here to check out my Ballet Studio, Ballet Petit.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My BFF Europa girls who also went to UCSD. Click here for their mini photo shoot in San Francisco.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My BFF Maggie. We’ve known each other since we were 8. That’s almost 20 years! This photo basically sums up our friendship.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My awesome parents.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

More college friends!

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

Cent’s high school friends. Richmond Hill High School Class of ’01!

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

Me and my sister and my cousins. My cousin Mercy is an amazing singer living it up in Brooklyn. Check out her website.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My parents, grandmother, great-aunt, aunts, and uncles, with a cousin or two.

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

My UCSD homies! Pretty amazing we crammed everyone into this shot!

Castlewood Country Club Wedding Pleasanton

All photos by Travis Hoehne.

So if you were wondering, wedding photo booths are totally awesome! And so much fun. Especially when you bust out the props and sunglasses and boas!

You want MORE? Click HERE for a full slideshow of our wedding photobooth pictures!

This is definitely something that I offer for your wedding day wish list. Imagine the possibilities! Your wedding should be filled with fun and glee. Yes, GLEE.


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