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One Year Later: Jaime & David


My mind must be lost in a heated fog. It’s so darn hot here in Texas and I think my brain has melted. And it’s not even that bad yet.

Well, I was looking at the calendar and I think I may have had visions of last year’s vineyard wedding in Galt, California keeping me cool. So I thought I’d take a look back at Jaime and David’s wedding and wish their a very happy First Anniversary! Jaime is a friend that I met studying abroad in Lyon, France, almost eight years ago! Wow, some days it just feels like yesterday. She’s a dear friend and so excited to relive her wedding again.

Jaime had the coolest wedding bouquet that I’ve seen, made with Blushing Bride flowers native to South Africa.

Happy Anniversary Jaime and David!

To see more of Jaime and David’s Grace Vineyard wedding click here.

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