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A Year of Thanks in a Week: My Family


With Thanksgiving just days away, I wanted to kick off this week by giving thanks, with my little series of “A Year of Thanks in a Week”. There are SO many things that I’m thankful this year. My heart is so full of thanks and now spilling onto this post. I know a week of thanks won’t even do justice for the amount of thanking I want to do, but here it goes.

I’m thankful for my sister Stephanie. She’s super smart (like acing Organic Chemistry!), funny (she leaves me classic Facebook videos), and helped me so incredibly much when it came to the wedding. During her Spring Break of her first year of college, she came home and helped me with all things DIY for the wedding. She’s my cheerleader and cooking mentor (she’s a food science major, which is different from nutrition!) She’s also super stylish, check the coordinating glasses that go with the bridesmaid dress. I’m so glad that we’re so close even with seven years difference, and now thousands of miles between us. Love you Steph!


I’m sooo thankful for my parents. Aren’t they cute? They’ve been amazing role models! They put aside celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in a big way because I was headed down the aisle. My mom is a labor and delivery nurse and also an instructor, taking students through their maternity clinical rotation. She finished her Master’s degree in May and I’m so proud of her! I admire my dad’s resilience. When he felt the blow of the recession, he tapped into all kinds of resources to find another job. As luck would have it, his career path took a hard right turn in a totally different direction. He used to work in the booming Silicon Valley, until its bubble burst. Now, he’s a Family Services Counselor at Holy Angels Cemetery. And no, he’s not the undertaker. I love you guys! Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support over all these years.


I’m the eldest cousin on both sides of my family. It’s what happens when both your parents are the eldest in their families too. I was so thankful that all my cousins on my mom’s side were able to come to the wedding (my other cousins are in the Philippines and were there in spirit). They came from all around – San Diego, Montana, Massachusetts, and Brooklyn. It was the first time that we were all together since like 1997. The youngest ones weren’t even born yet!


Can’t forget the grown ups! I’m thankful for this cast of characters for providing an unending source of guidance, entertainment, and all around good time. My mom is the eldest of eight. All of her brothers and sisters came to the wedding and like our cousin reunion, it was also a big family reunion. My grandma (the lady in the teal cutout coat) was so thrilled to have all her grandchildren and all her children together. While my Auntie Lizzie past away back in 2000,  I know that she was certainly there in spirit having fun with all of us. Her sons (the two tall young guys in the back) were able to come and I’m so thankful they did.

All photos by Travis Hoehne.

What are you thankful for? Thank you family for brightening up my life, keeping me laughing, and learning from you all the time.

Stay tuned for this week of thanks!


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