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Dane Sanders’ Fast Track Roadshow Workshop | San Francisco


I forget how I first heard about Dane Sanders. I think it might have been when I listened to the inaugural episode of Ron Dawson‘s F-Stop Beyond podcast series. Or maybe another photographer had featured him and linked to him. I’m not sure. But since I found out about Dane and all that he does for others, I was intrigued.

I decided to pursue photography as a real gig last August. I started to read blogs and join photography forums. I heard the buzz about this book called Fast Track Photographer. It was written by Dane Sanders. I pre-ordered the book, and shortly after a trip to Denver for my office job, I received it in the mail. It was honestly one of the best books for me to read as someone just starting out, particularly in wedding photography. It gave me great perspective of a Freelance Photographer versus a Signature Brand Photographer. Plus Dane challenges you to leverage your strengths instead of trying to just improve your weaknesses. You can asses your strengths via the PDNA test. I was hooked. I knew this Dane guy must be something special.

In January, Dane made a stop at the San Francisco Pictage User Group to give his talk on – Standing Out from the Crowd. He was taking risks with people right and left, spoke of commitment and denting the wall at Pictage headquarters, and getting off automatic. I attended Dane’s session at WPPI in February. Even though I had heard him speak before, it was great seeing him again and watching the reactions of other audience members. I also remembered to bring my copy of Fast Track Photographer so Dane could sign it. I’m a nerd, I know, but how often do you get to meet the author of a book?If you have not seen Dane’s presentation, you should. He’s coming to a SMUG (Smug Mug Unity Group) near you.

So here’s my story with the Fast Track Roadshow Workshop. I had heard about Dane’s workshop on his blog and Fast Track Photographer website. At the time it was a two-day workshop and it cost $1200. I put it out of my mind that I would be attending. With our wedding coming in a QUICK 5 WEEKS, spending any “extra” monies would be out of the question.

Well time passed and things changed.

Melinda Bunker, a photographer from San Ramon, rallied to have Dane come to the Bay Area. I was interested, but I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to go. Suddenly, the game changed. The workshop became a one-day deal for $750. I thought that was a better price, but I was still unsure. Then Dane raised the stakes some more. He added all kinds of goodies from the photography industry, straight from the website:

All Participants of the Fast Track Roadshow Workshop will receive…

  • Fast Track Roadshow Workshop Exhaustive Notes ($25 value)!
  • 1 year subscription to ShowItSites ($468 value)!
  • 1 year subscription to SmugMug Pro ($150 value)!
  • $50 off ShowItWeb Slideshow Software ($50 value)!
  • Kevin Kubota‘s Digital Photography Bootcamp Book ($35 value)!
  • 6 months subscription to ($125 value)!
  • Fast Track Photographer Audiobook ($25 value)!
  • 2 copies of Dane’s Fast Track Photographer Book to share ($50 value)!
  • 2 pDNA Assessments to track your progress over time ($40 value)!
  • 3 copies of the Fast Track eBook to share with others ($27 value)!
  • 1 year subscription to the Fast Track Forums ($240 value)!
  • 1 year subscription to the Fast Track Coaching – a weekly LIVE group coaching call with Dane, to keep your learning going well beyond the workshop ($108 value)!


  • 200 DotBucks from ShootDotEdit – basically the equivalent of a free portrait or engagement session edited for little or no cost ($55 value)!
  • 2 months FREE of ShootQ Studio Management software with a third month bonus when you book your first event ($120 value)!
  • 1 year subscription to Pictage Lite ($199 value)!
  • $100 discount on your first KISS Wedding Book ($100 value)!
  • $50 off a Drobo from Data Robotics ($50 value)!
  • BONUS “DIAL-IN” DAY OF TRAINING – we are providing a pre-workshop “Dial-In” Day with techs from companies like ShootQ to get your entire workflow set-up right before we even get started… imagine arriving with nothing and leaving with everything you need ($450 value)!

So seriously, how could I turn it down at this point? I was already getting ready to subscribe to Showit Sites and with Dane’s workshop I get a whole year!?! And ShootQ, which I’ve been using for the last two weeks and LOVE it. I already booked a session using it! So easy. Plus Andrew and Rachel LaCour teach you how to set it up…in person! And everything else? And then it became a two-day workshop again? For less than the original price?!

I was in.

I’m sooooo glad that I went. I not only met and reconnected with some awesome locals (and a handful of folks who flew in!), but it was great having Dane teach in a small setting. A setting where we could ask questions, push back on his commentary, and where we could all safely take a risk and challenge ourselves beyond our comfortable thinking and ways of doing things.

I feel like this workshop wasn’t just one of those events that I attended and then forgot about everything I learned. I still refer to the notes and think about my business as a BUSINESS, and not just a “job”. I have a job (9-5 corporate drone), and I know that is not me. I cannot hang. I want my own business. I feel like attending Dane’s workshop has taken me one giant step closer to getting there. Where I steer the ship. Where I decide what happens. I have the reigns…

So, if you’re thinking about going, GO! Dane’s two-day workshop is amazing standalone. Add in all the goodies and it’s a no brainer.

Your business will thank you. Trust me.

Our San Francisco crew! Paul Steinke, Sara Goetz, Sara Lazio, Melinda Bunker, Lydia Takeoka, me, Terra Tabbytosavit, Jen MacNiven, and Aung Aung.


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