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Thursday Tips: When to Schedule Your Photo Session


The Summer is HERE!

As a non-native Texan, this heat is just killer. Although, I may be starting to get used to it. Kind of.

With it being so hot (and getting hotter!) this time of year in the Dallas area, like I’m talking 100+ degree weather, I thought it would be helpful to suggest the best times to schedule your portrait session – engagements, bridals, day after, and Beloved sessions. Because, if you’re like me, you don’t want to look a hot mess. A hot, sweaty mess. Unless you’re one of those lucky people who doesn’t sweat. And if you are, what is your secret?!

A few things to consider if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex:

  1. If you’re wanting to shoot an outdoor session, I recommend the fall (late September to early December) or the spring (March through early June). And even early June in Dallas is cutting close into the hot zone. We can certainly shoot in the winter, even if there’s snow, you may just have to bundle up a little more than usual.
  2. If for whatever reason, timing only permits a session in the hot, summer months, then I recommend scheduling your engagement, bridal, day after, or Beloved session in the morning. Early morning, as in when the sun is rising. Even if you are not a morning person, (and let me tell you I am not one either!) shooting in the early morning provides much more comfortable temperatures, usually in the 80′s. And the light is also just as pretty as sunset.
  3. And of course, there’s shooting indoors. While I personally prefer the outdoors, and natural light photography, we can always shoot indoors, should it be needed. Especially here in Dallas, where the weather can go from sunny, to cloudy, to storming in a matter of minutes.
  4. So what time of day should you schedule your session? You may think that since it’s nice and bright in the middle of the day that it would be an ideal time for a session. No! Actually, it’s probably the worst time because it is SO bright that it cause squinting, it’s super hot (in the summer), and can cast unflattering shadows on your face.
  5. I recommend clients schedule their engagement sessions about an hour and a half before sunset, during the “golden hour” when the light is nice and pretty. So in the fall and the spring that right around 5-6pm depending on when Daylight Savings Time starts/ends. Sessions usually last about two hours.

Why do I love shooting at the “golden hour”? Because you get golden light, like this:

Golden Hour Dallas Wedding Photos Catie Ronquillo

And the golden light on the right? LOVE! These were shot in mid-May and the weather was amazing!

Best Golden Hour Wedding Photos Dallas Catie Ronquillo

Happy Thursday!

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