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Why Red Velvet and I are on a break…


Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had my last piece of red velvet cake for a while. Well, any cake or baked good for that matter.

No, I’m not sick (well, actually I am recovering from a gnarly cold I’ve had for far too long!)

No, I haven’t developed a food allergy to sweets.

No, I haven’t sworn off sugary treats forever.

Red Velvet and I are on a break because I’m taking a challenge. A New Year, New You Challenge started by my fabulous fellow photographer friend, Celina Gomez of Captivating Simplicity Photography.

I’ve struggled with my weight since junior high. I took 12 years of ballet, and I always felt embarrassed that I had the largest costume for The Nutcracker or our Spring Performances, or that it had to be custom made because nothing fit. I can honestly say that the only time I’ve been really satisfied with my weight was when I was studying abroad in France for a year in 2003/2004. Because I lost 20 pounds without even trying. No joke! My jeans started feeling looser. And when I moved back to the states and saw my weight in pounds (vs. kilograms), I was pleasantly surprised at the number! Even though I ate whatever I wanted (and trust me, France has it’s share of rich and decadent foods), I walked everywhere, every day. And it made such a difference, without even making a real effort. So fab!

This holiday season, my jeans felt tighter. Uncomfortably so. And they used to fit nicely. So after Christmas and New Years, Cent and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and I insisted we had to buy a scale. Because I was convinced that the scale at 24 Hour Fitness was full of lies. And after I mustered the courage to stand on it, and the look of disgust that developed on my face after seeing the number (the largest number I’ve EVER seen), I knew that this year had to be different. This year, there HAD to be a change.

There’s just something different about this group. I actually feel motivated to go work out. Even with Dallas’ current Artic Blast, (which accounts for the colder than usual weather) I braved the cold and made my way to the gym. I’ve heard it time and time again that it’s good to have a support group, a team of cheerleaders who can encourage you, and be there for you. I guess it just took me longer than usual to listen. I’m glad that I did, because I’m starting to whittle down that number on the scale! 4lbs, woo hoo!

And since I value every blog reader that I have, I thought that I would share my journey with y’all (yes, I said y’all), to help me stay accountable. Because who wouldn’t want a support group as big as the interwebz to cheer me on?!

So sayonara Red Velvet, I’ll see you on the flipside…in moderation. And maybe a bite for my birthday?

Happy Thursday!


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