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The Close


You know what’s exciting? We’re this close to getting our house!

You know what’s annoying? All this rain we’ve been having in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It’s been slowing down the process of closing.

There are so many ups and downs that you go through when buying your first house. The excitement of house hunting. The ups of imagining how you’ll decorate your new home. The downs of your offer getting rejected. The ups of the seller accepting your offer. The downs of less than positive house inspection results. And on and on and on. The whirlwind ride of signing papers and what feels like your entire life away. Seriously.

If you’re in this junction of life, here’s my advice:

  • Watch HGTV‘s shows on real estate. You can learn SO much from other people’s experience.
  • Do your research on where you want to live, so you know where to start.
  • Get pre-approved. This is different from pre-qualified.
  • Keep an open mind. Don’t let weird paint colors through you off.
  • Don’t get discouraged if your first offer isn’t accepted. There are lots of houses out there!
  • Hire a thorough home inspector. It’s better to find everything you may need to fix than discover it later.
  • Be patient. It’s a long ride.
  • Get excited! You’ll soon be a homeowner.

We should be closing soon. Please pray/send dry weather thoughts/happy vibes our way!

I think I’m most excited about setting up my office!

Check out Weddingbee founder, Bee Kim’s, cute workspace:

Photo from Weddingbee Pro

How cute is this one from Real Simple?!

Photo from Real Simple

Happy Monday!

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Our Offer was Accepted!


Thursday I had been furiously working on building my new website (set to launch October 1, so stay tuned!), and I was totally in the zone. Cent had just come home from work and something prompted me to check my email on my iPhone. I saw an email from our real estate agent so I immediately opened it. It read, “CONGRATULATIONS!”

The seller’s accepted our offer!

Just last week I mentioned that we put in an offer on our first house. A HOUSE! Quite honestly, I didn’t expect to be a homeowner so soon after we got married. But a nice credit from the government for being a first time homebuyer was a very attractive incentive. So we started looking. I thought it would be just that, looking. But as it turned out, we found two houses we really liked and finally decided to take the big grown up step of making an offer.

We met with our real estate agent, Julie Beck, (she’s been so awesome so far in the process – call her if you’re in need of one in Dallas!) and she explained to us paragraph by painstaking paragraph exactly what we were signing and initialing. I totally appreciated all of her patience and help as real estate documents are longwinded and confusing! So we put in our best case scenario or “pie in the sky” offer, and crossed our fingers and prayed.

Waiting to hear back was like sitting on pins and needles. That night, I couldn’t get good rest. While I knew that there was no way we’d hear back in the middle of the night, my mind was racing in excitement and nervousness. “What if they didn’t accept our terms?” “What if they don’t want to sell their house to us?” “What if…?” Deep breaths help in this kind of situation. Totally.

When we hadn’t heard anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, waiting became a little easier. I still had the “What ifs” in mind, but it wasn’t as bad as Monday night. So when Thursday evening’s email rolled around, we were so excited. SO EXCITED! We’re going to be homeowners (as long as the rest of the process goes smoothly!), so please keep your finger crossed, send us positive vibes, and keep us in your prayers!

Happy Monday!

Our real estate agent’s info:
Julie Beck
(214) 446.2579
juliebeck [at] judgefite [dot] com

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