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Why Choose a First Look: A Bride’s Perspective


We’ve been married for almost a whole year! And to say the least, it’s been a whirlwind adventure. From a three-year long distance relationship, to a super fun summer wedding in California, packing up all my stuff (literally) and shipping it out to Texas, and setting up home and business bases in Dallas, it’s been nothing but non-stop action. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This weekend, dear friends, Jaime and David are next to tie the knot. And I will be documenting their day!

And while we discussed the schedule of the day and timing for photos, the suggestion for a First Look came up. I explained my experience to Jaime not as a photographer, but as a bride.

I would say that our wedding was mostly traditional, but infused with special touches that reflected our family heritages. We were married in a Catholic church, included the traditional Filipino customs of Veil, Cord, and Coins, and to truly personalize our ceremony, we included Jumping the Broom.

While wedding planning and blog stalking, I read about doing a “First Look” and at initially I thought it would not be something that I wanted to do (bad luck traditions and all). However, I after I thought about it, I realized that I would probably be nervous (not to get married but just with the weight of the big day), and seeing Cent for the first time walking down the aisle may cause, what I like to call, UGLY CRY FACE. True story.

Knowing that Cent is pretty traditional, I eased him into the idea a couple months before the wedding. I also knew that seeing each other before the ceremony would be a great time to just be with each other, pray, and be still in the moment. And I also mentioned the dangers of Ugly Cry Face. So he agreed.

Now, I’m not sure if either sets of our parents knew. Who knows, this may letting them know for the first time. And I’ll admit, I was a little worried they wouldn’t like it. But here’s the thing: it was OUR moment. It was OUR day. And I’m SO glad that we chose to do a First Look.

Here are photos from our First Look.

Right as I was walking down this walkway, my dress snagged, and I whispered (loudly) “Oh S#*!,” way to break the tension, right?

First Look Pre Ceremony Seeing each other

This is actually the gym/church hall where I went to school from Second-Eighth Grade.

Bride and Groom See each other before ceremony

I think this is me, uber happy, also laughing/apologizing for said expletive from above.

First Look Experience

I was so excited and relieved to see Cent. No ugly cry face here. Although tears were shed.

First Look photos

So those are my two cents about a First Look, from a bride’s perspective. I know you can Google First Look experiences from a photographer’s perspective, easily, and I will say that First Looks allow for ample amounts of photos and time to just hang out together on your big day, in a relaxed atmosphere. And you won’t miss your cocktail hour if your ceremony flows straight into the reception.

But most importantly, I think a First Look is a special opportunity to spend a few moments/minutes/hours (depending on schedule) with your Beloved before you seal the deal. Before the ceremony starts. Before the party gets started. It’s a wonderful moment to just BE STILL.

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

All photos above are copyright Travis Hoehne Photography.

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