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Fashion Shoot | Preston Castle


“A castle? An abandoned castle? In the middle of nowhere? Sweet!” These were my thoughts when I was invited to shoot with a group of local photographers at the Preston Castle in Ione, California.

It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Although, they do have a Mexican restaurant with lunch specials. But it basically consists of a main street. In fact we passed the location of the shoot about three times before we realized where we had to turn.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with Jessie Cho, Rosaura Sandoval, Traig Smith, Greg Montanio, Dave Schilling, and Jackie Willard up to Preston Castle. It was hot and dusty and just plain dirty. And according to the lady who opens the gate to visitors and such, also potentially dangerous. Dangerous due to unstable scaffolding and old construction. But it was a very cool place to shoot at. The natural lighting was amazing and so fun to play and experiment with.

Here are some of my favorite shots:






















Many thanks to the awesome vendors on this shoot:

Jenifer Haupt of Image Provacateur organized the models and their hair and makeup.

Dreamnette provided all the wedding dresses.

AGAPE by Jeremiah provided the salsa dancer dress.

Gianna Couture

So fun!


Anytime: Jen, Connie, and Krystle | San Francisco


A doctor in training. A fashionista designer. An autism therapist.

I know, they are so talented. And I get to call them my friends.

I went to college with these lovely ladies at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). We also traveled across Europe during a 23-day quasi-backpacking trip back in 2006. So fun! When you spend that much time together, you get to know pretty much everything. We have so many fun memories and crazy stories from that trip. All I can say about them is that they rock. They get it. They are funny and caring, and simply some of the best friends I could ask for. Since our trip, we’ve tried to get together on an annual basis. We call it our Europa Reunion!

During our reunion we had a little photoshoot. Considering it was Memorial Day weekend, the kick off of summer, I thought that the weather would be good. Unfortunately it was awful! It was cold and damp and grey. Too freezing for a photo session outside. We had planned a shoot outside, since Connie literally lives down the street from City Hall in San Francisco (which is GORGEOUS!), but instead ended up rocking it in Connie’s living room. It was fun. We got to be silly. Just like old times.


Krystle is a therapist who works with children with autism. She has amazing patience while she can also be one of the silliest people I know. She was stoked to get to hang out with Frieda and Walter when she came to visit. In fact, they shared the couch with her! (BTW, Frieda and Walter are my dachshunds.) We first met during our second year of college in the Filipino organization, Kaibigang Pilipino. We found out that we lived on the same part of campus and we became quick friends. The following year, I studied abroad in France, and I would call Krystle on my walks home from going out. It would be like 3am in France, and 12pm in California, and I would stand in my favorite phone book to make the long distance call with my calling card. Good times! She’s going to graduate school to earn her Master’s in Healthcare Administration. She’s going to change the face of the nation’s healthcare system, I just know it.


Jen was Krystle’s apartment mate. My first memory of Jen is that she loves Star Wars. And cats. And dogs. And animals in general. Jen always welcomed me into their apartment as I was one of the roommates. In fact, they made me an honorary roommie! I remember a lot of laughs together while hanging out at their apartment. Jen recently moved up to Oakland to attend medical school. She’s going to be a podiatrist. So if you need a doctor who can help out with feet because of wearing crazy heels or something of the like, look Jen up in a few years!


Connie was the stylist for this shoot. In fact, the whole shoot was originally her idea that she had suggested months ago. I’m so glad it finally came to fruition. Connie moved up to San Francisco to go to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). It was funny (now, anyway) the first time I went to hang out with Connie because I nearly was trapped in her parking garage. It was pretty ridiculous. We were able to convince a resident of the building as she drove in the garage to let us borrow her garage opener. Luckily after some pleading and near-begging, and maybe just enough pestering (I mean, I was ready to bribe her), she helped us out. I had to pick up Cent from the airport that night!


Oh my friends. The one bummer thing about being the photographer all the time is that getting in the shot is hard! Even if you compose and set up for someone else to take the shot, it doesn’t always work out. Instead, here are my fabulous girls, being themselves. Love it!

Happy Friday!

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