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Temporarily Texan


Today I surrendered my California identity.

And became temporarily Texan.

I say temporarily because my license is currently a laser-printed 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, until I receive my brand spankin’ new Texas driver’s license.

Then I’ll be fully legit. Technically Texan.

Yesterday was our eight month anniversary (it has totally flown by!) and today I got over the last of my excuses and dread for the DMV (but here in Texas is the DPS), and finally went. It was actually fairly painless. I didn’t get any kind of grief about how I wanted to change my name (by adding Cent’s last name to mine, no hyphen). I had simple eye exam and they took my picture. And at the end of my discourse with the DPS lady (and she was quite friendly), I had to surrender my California Driver’s License.

I know, I’m so dramatic about this, but I just gave away my ID! With a picture that was taken when I was fifteen. I hope they end up shredding, because no one needs to see it. Just sayin’.

So for those of you wondering about how to change your name and get a new driver’s license and finally just do it, if you’re a procrastinator like me, or you want information to prepare yourself for when the day comes, here are 8 easy steps to change your name on your Driver’s License in Texas:

  1. Make sure you have Marriage Certificate, Social Security Card, Passport or other official picture ID, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.
  2. If you are changing your name and have had a Texas license, it’s $10. If you are changing your name and have an out of state license like me, it’s $25. Cash or check only.
  3. Once you get to your local Department of Public Safety Office (DPS), you’ll get the paperwork to fill out and a number.
  4. Then you wait until your number is called. I believe I waited about 45 minutes.
  5. Once your number is called, you’ll show all your documents and paperwork to the clerk, take an eye exam, get fingerprinted (thumbs only), and have your photo taken.
  6. The clerk will ask you how you want your name to appear on your license. In my case it’s my NEW LAST NAME, First Name Maiden Name. (Note: Your NEW last name must be on your marriage certificate in order to change your name, FYI.)
  7. Pay the fee.
  8. Surrender your old Driver’s License. DONE.

Not too bad, right? Next up, conquering the Social Security office. I wasn’t quite up to sitting in another government office for the afternoon, so I’m leaving that until next week. Promise.

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