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For Clients: Digital Negative Cases


It’s often a question from Brides and Grooms, “Do you offer the images on disc?”

As a recent bride myself, I understand wanting to have the images from your wedding day and portrait session(s). With the ability to print them at your leisure.

And the answer is, “Yes.” All of the wedding collections I offer include the digital negatives on DVD with a limited copyright release for personal use.

So I thought that I would share photos of the cases that will house your discs.

The front:

The back:

The spine:

At an angle:

And of course, it will be personalized to you. The case is nice and sturdy with a magnet to keep it closed. I think it’s a great way to keep your photos, it is easily stored, and stands out amongst other CD/DVD cases.

The Jaime and David, the bride and groom pictured recently sent me feedback about their discs:

We received our DVDs the other day, and they’re in such a cute book. Very elegant, and we love the magnetic mechanism for keeping it together. It’s great! Thanks! – Jaime & David

Love it when clients are happy!

Happy Friday!

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