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4 Years Ago.


I’m a sentimental person. I remember dates and random things. Of course, on the other hand, I sometimes have a terrible short term memory. But when it comes to the important stuff, I’m like an elephant. I don’t forget. And if I had all the space in the world, I’d probably save more trinkets and movie stubs and napkins with stick figure drawings that I ever should.

Well, four years ago, today, Cent asked me out. Except at the time, I wasn’t really sure if he was. I mean, I thought that he was, but in the back of the mind kept it casual just in case it was a “just friends” dinner proposition. He was my neighbor across the hall when we were College Program interns at Disney World. It’s where it all officially began. I remember that we went to T.G.I. Friday’s. I remember that he ordered a “cheeseburger without cheese”. I remember I was so nervous that we’d edge into awkward silence. But we didn’t. It was a great first date.

He’s truly a Southern gentleman. He opens doors. He says “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. He asks me how my day is going. He loves me through and through, through thick and thin, reasonable and irrational. And we stuck through it. Because we wanted to. Distance was a challenge since the beginning. But we didn’t let it scare us off. When you have a good thing you have to hold on to it, fight for it, believe in it.

So after three and a half years, thousands of frequent flyer miles, and only seeing each other every six to eight to ten weeks (ten is killer!), we sealed the deal. Four years since that first date, and I can call that super polite neighbor my husband. Love you, babe!

Here’s a picture of us from our Honeymoon. Like the gnarly sun burn lines?

Random Catie & Centurion Factoids (as found in our guest sign-in book)

  1. We met at Walt Disney World as college interns in August of 2005.
  2. My roommates predicted that we would get married the first day that we met.
  3. Cent had a back up plan in case I thought that our first date was a “group thing”.
  4. We dated long-distance since January 2006, more than half of our relationship.
  5. We were born exactly two weeks apart, to the day, in 1983. It was a good year.
  6. I once said that I could never picture myself living anywhere but California. We’re living it up in Texas now!
  7. Cent doesn’t like cheese. It’s okay on pizza.
  8. I love cake. Cent worries that I love it more than him sometimes.

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