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Wedding Blog Feature: Wedding Bee


I remember where I was eight years ago today. I was getting ready for my first year of college. It was the Tuesday before we’d pack up the car and drive down to San Diego. It was supposed to be a regular Tuesday morning. Hardly. I woke up at a decent hour in the morning, and I remember my mom telling me to come to the living and look at the TV. It was surreal. There was footage of the Twin Towers burning. BURNING. And they we commenced freaking out because my grandmother was returning from a trip to New York City and was at the JFK Airport. I won’t forget that day. I don’t think anyone who was old enough to remember and comprehend will. I’ve only been to New York post-9/11 and I never had the opportunity to see the World Trade Centers in their grandeur. I have, however, had the chance to visit Ground Zero and the Memorial center. While I will never truly feel the impact that New Yorkers felt that day and it will never replace all the lives lost that day, it is a beautiful tribute.

And to remember and commemorate New York, I’m sharing the FIRST wedding blog I ever started reading. And it started in an apartment in New York. Just as an idea. That exploded into a full out online community. I’m talking about Wedding Bee. And if you’ve never heard of Wedding Bee, you should click right on over. Wedding Bee isn’t just another wedding blog, it’s a collaborative community of bride-to-be bloggers from all over the country and now the world (they just added a bee from South Africa!)

I was first introduced to Wedding Bee by my co-worker, Mrs. Tomato. I remember when she hurried excitedly over to my cubicle to tell me the news that she had been accepted to blog for a site called Wedding Bee. And that she would be a Tomato. I was kind of confused she first described it to me, but when I checked it out, it all clicked into place. And I kind of felt weird for reading a wedding blog. I wasn’t even engaged yet! But I figured I was supporting her blogging endeavors, so it was okay.

As soon as I had a legit reason to be reading wedding blogs (and not just wishful thinking!), Wedding Bee became a fast favorite. The Bees share all of their talent when it comes to DIY projects, provide a beacon of honesty about the craziness of wedding planning, and help readerz see that they are not the only ones feeling the ups, down, twists, turns of planning the beginning of the rest of their lives. It really is a community with local bees connecting on local message boards, bees looking for certain services, bees selling their wedding decor through the classifieds, and even just idea sharing. From Wedding Bee, I conjured the ideas that became my invitations, favors, and table numbers.

And through the power of the Internet and social media, I’ve had the chance to meet some other bees following my co-workers stint as Mrs. Tomato. I’ve met Mrs. Avocado and Mrs. Hydrangea in person. I’ve connected with Mrs. Pomegranate, Mrs. Penguin, Mrs. Lemon, and Mrs. Cherry Pie via Twitter. Social Media knows no bounds!

In late 2008, Bee Kim, the founder of Wedding Bee, started Wedding Bee Pro, a blogging similar to that of Wedding Bee, except for wedding industry professionals. Every kind of wedding vendor, from photographer to calligrapher to invitation designer to wedding planner to floral designer. It’s really fun to see the work of amazing vendors. I especially love the posts by Melody of the Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach, CA. I mean, she does post about cupcakes and cake. And we all know how much I love those!

(photo from Melody @ Sweet and Saucy Shop)

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