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DFW Fall Shootout: Rachel & Jordan


Fall is supposed to arrive in Dallas on Friday. We’ll see if that’s really the case.

In the meantime, more photos from the Fall Shootout a couple weeks ago!

Part of the mission of these shootouts is to give photographers (newbies and seasoned pros) the opportunity to meet each other, learn from each other, and build connections and friendships to grow their skills and businesses. Because we all move forward when we work together. To give you an idea of what that looks like, here are a few behind the scenes photos:

As one of the hosts, I’m usually taking behind the scenes photos as well as helping style our set ups. Every once in a while, I get the chance to shoot too.

Rachel and Jordan were one of our adorable (and hilarious!) couples to model for us. I asked them if they ever model professionally because they were totally comfortable in front of the camera. They said no, but I beg to differ.

Again, thanks to all our awesome sponsors:

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Exhaustion & Living Simply


What a week and it’s only Tuesday.

On Sunday, Elizabeth of After Yes and I hosted our Fall DFW Shootout. It went great! More on that tomorrow. Although, afterwards, I felt like I had shot a ten hour wedding, and subsequently hit by a Mack truck. I’m blaming the humidity!

Then yesterday, I drove down to Austin to get there by 8:00 (meaning I left at 4:30am!), to attend the WPPI Road Show. It was a great day of learning, although, I’m pretty sure I felt like one of those zombies from the Walking Dead. Thankfully, around 5:00pm, I caught a second wind, or maybe I just woke up for the day after three cups of coffee, and I was able to drive back to Dallas. Safely. Thank God for cruise control. Seriously.

I was exhausted.

Today, I’ve been easing back into the regular pace of life. And from the lessons I’ve been reminded of the last few days, I feel like this poster by The Love Shop in Australia sums it up perfectly. Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful. Give Love. Laugh Lots.

The Love Shop Australia on Etsy
The Love Shop on Etsy

How is your week going?

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