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House Hunting


I’m a big fan of HGTV. I really enjoy watching the decorating shows and lately, all of the house hunting programs. I remember when house flipping was the “in” thing and everyone and their brother was trying to get their piece of the real estate pie. And then the market when Kerplunk. Big time.

Well, good news for us, it’s a buyer’s market!

House hunting has been an interesting ride. We’ve seen a sampling of homes in this area and have learned about the big ticket items and little nuances to look out for. Visible foundation cracks. Where the water heater and furnace live. The closest schools and their performance. Where the attic is. If the house is a slab foundation or pier and beam. The surrounding areas. What the neighborhood is like at different times of the day. The list goes on and on.

After watching shows about staging and setting your home up for a showing and selling, I know how important staging is. In fact, I appreciate those who stage their home. To me, the potential home buyer, it says that the owners care about their home and would like for it to go to another owner who will care for it as well. Having seen some foreclosures and their state of disrepair, it really made me wonder what happened to the owners.

I’m really excited about two potential homes. Looking at homes is the fun part. All the paperwork that follows is not. It’s what makes homebuying so daunting and intimidating. However, that $8,000 tax credit sounds quite lovely and will make all the levels of bureaucracy worth it.

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