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My Curling Husband


My fascination with curling started four years ago. At the last Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. I had heard about curling in passing, but I never really knew what it was. Then, I saw it for the first time, and it was unlike any other sport I had ever seen. Ever.

The stones. The ice. The sweepers. I think the sweepers fascinate me the most. And make me laugh at the same time.

Here’s a demonstration of curling that I found from the United State Curling Association.

So when I told Cent my new fascination with this interesting sport called “curling” it was no big deal. I come to learn that Cent did curling in P.E. Having spent a good amount of his formative years in Alaska, where there is a ton of snow, I guess it was natural that they play a winter sport.  When he told me that he curled at some point in his life, I got excited. I’m such a foreigner to snow and winter type sports.

Oh the things you learn.

The Winter Olympics are such a fun time to watch sports I’ve never heard of. Earlier, I was at the gym, and they were broadcasting the biathlon, which is cross-country skiing mixed with rifle shooting.

Check the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics schedule.

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