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Belated Merry Christmas!


We just got home from a whirlwind visit home to my parents in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as a quick jaunt down to Disneyland. In the span of six days, we traveled on four airplanes, in the midst of a guy trying to blow up an international flight, crazy! But all is well with both my family and Cent and I. It was a fantastic time, which left little time to blog.

So here are our belated Christmas and holiday greetings!

I’m so thankful that we had no problems traveling. We made it out of Dallas the day before it snowed! Had we left a day later, we might not have made it to California. On Christmas Day, we took a flight with my parents and sister to Orange County to the Merriest Place on Earth!


It was the first time that we had been to Disneyland at Christmas time. It’s a Small World is so cool and worth the wait! The Haunted Mansion is transformed into the world of Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas. After going on the ride, I resolved to watch the movie. Yeah, I’ve never seen it in it’s entirety. Until tonight.

We’re showing that it’s -1 days til Christmas. Or 364. Whatever works for you.


My good friend and bridesmaid Krystle was able to join us in Disneyland, yay!


And it was seriously the COLDEST it’s ever been in Southern California. (Which for anyone who regularly experiences snow this time of year is like summer weather :) But you know us Californians…) Needless to say, I did not dress appropriately. By the time the sunset, we were all freezing. And at dinner, we ate at the Plaza Inn where there are outside heaters, except that we sat next to the one defunct heater, boo! I guess we brought the cold weather from Texas?

I received the awesomely fun Flip Video recorder from Cent. Like he literally read my mind. I was shocked and soooo excited! We made silly videos our entire trip!


And as for the fun recap of our trip to California for Christmas, here’s a video I put together using the Flip software. Easy peasy! Guest starring my parents and sister. And the not-so-little guy is my cousin who was also our ring bearer. He makes some hilarious faces and has some great dance moves!

Christmas Fun Times! from Catie Ronquillo on Vimeo.

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Here’s to 2010!!



The Reyes Family | The Lake | Newark


I love the Reyes Family. They are just so stinkin’ adorable. All of them. So cute.

I met the Ben and Zen at church. I first met Zen’s mom, Marilyn, under interesting circumstances. One Sunday we were at church, and there was a lady in the pew not too far away from us looked a little woozy. Then all of a sudden the lady fell down and hit her head of the tile floor. Marilyn and my mom are both nurses and they jumped out of the pew to help her…and well our families have since then become fast friends.

As it turns out, I went to college with Ben’s brother, Jason, at UC San Diego.  I know Jason from the Filipino student organization, Kaibigang Pilipino. My senior year, we were both in the cultural celebration at the end of the year. I was walking through the audience at the end of the performance and came upon some familiar faces, Ben and Zen! Then we all made the connection that Jason and Ben are brothers. Totally small world!

I’ve watched their little family grow from one little girl to three bouncing kiddos!

I present this wonderfully adorable and sweet family:






I really don’t know how Zen has had three kids!







This little guy has the cutest little cheeks!





Thanks Reyes family for sharing the morning with me! You all are so fun and I had a blast!


Fashion Shoot | Preston Castle


“A castle? An abandoned castle? In the middle of nowhere? Sweet!” These were my thoughts when I was invited to shoot with a group of local photographers at the Preston Castle in Ione, California.

It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Although, they do have a Mexican restaurant with lunch specials. But it basically consists of a main street. In fact we passed the location of the shoot about three times before we realized where we had to turn.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with Jessie Cho, Rosaura Sandoval, Traig Smith, Greg Montanio, Dave Schilling, and Jackie Willard up to Preston Castle. It was hot and dusty and just plain dirty. And according to the lady who opens the gate to visitors and such, also potentially dangerous. Dangerous due to unstable scaffolding and old construction. But it was a very cool place to shoot at. The natural lighting was amazing and so fun to play and experiment with.

Here are some of my favorite shots:






















Many thanks to the awesome vendors on this shoot:

Jenifer Haupt of Image Provacateur organized the models and their hair and makeup.

Dreamnette provided all the wedding dresses.

AGAPE by Jeremiah provided the salsa dancer dress.

Gianna Couture

So fun!


Moving: You never know how much stuff you own


Let me preface this by saying that I’m incredibly excited about moving to Dallas to start off married life on the right foot. I’m thrilled to finally be with Cent in the same place at the same time, not have have to struggle with time differences, or saying goodbye for undisclosed amounts of time.

However, I am NOT excited about moving my stuff. Moving is such an inconvenience. Because let’s face it, you don’t realize exactly how much stuff you own until you have to pack it into boxes. Lots of boxes. A large container worth of boxes.

I’m often asked, “When are you moving?” and “How are you moving?” And in my true style of dealing with such obstacles, I’ve been taking the obvious path: avoidance. Well, as time keeps ticking down until the wedding, we have about ten weeks left. Yikes! Avoidance is no longer an option. I’ve asked some friends well-versed in cross-country relocation, Beth and Jess, for their suggestions. It’s some seriously bitter juice to swallow the idea of spending $3000 on moving my stuff to Texas. Really $3k?

I was in Dallas this past weekend, and I was on a mission. I was bound and determined to move a good chunk of my clothing to Cent’s apartment. I’d much rather pay $15 to check a big suitcase (which made it underweight!) than pay however much to ship it. I’m frugal by nature, I learned it from my Dad. Well, of the 45.8lbs that I packed, I was able to fit it all into Cent’s closet. I also had to rearrange and rehang some of his stuff, but it fit!

My drawers at home are a lot looser. But it still doesn’t conquer the beast that are my books and other assorted stuff. Then I think about it and it’s really all just stuff. I can probably live without it. I mean, if I haven’t seen it in a couple of weeks or months or even years, I must not miss it, right?!

Curses to the Pack Rat gene that runs in my family. I need a new mantra “Let it go, it’s just stuff.”

So here’s to continuing my mission I set out at the beginning of the year when I attended the PhotoBiz Boot Camp in January: reducing my possessions by half before my move.

And since putting it out on the blog will make me more accountable, here are my steps to accomplish said mission.

Move to Dallas with 1/2 of possessions by 8/2009
-sort/purge all clothing by 3/2009 Completed April 2009
-donate clothing that doesn’t fit
-donate clothing that hasn’t been worn in 6 months

-sort/purge all personal items by 6/30/2009
-sort items to move to dallas
-sort items to donate
-sort items to toss
-let go of old magazines, notebooks, or books that haven’t been looked at in 6 months
-bring old magazine to Allison by 2/1/09 Completed
-bring old magazines to hospital by 2/1/09 Completed
-sell books to Half Price books by 5/31/2009
-sort books into keep pile
-sort books into give away pile
-sort books into sell pile

And because pictures always make the day better:

The center building with the point and diagonal architecture is Cent‘s office building.

Us at the Dallas World Aquarium, the weekend our parents met for the first time!

Happy Wednesday!

And if you have any moving advice leave some in the comment box! And saying to not to move is NOT advice! :)


Dublin Ranch Golf Club Wedding: Vicki + Brian = Married!


They can be serious.

They can be funny.

They can be goofy on command.

Vicki and Brian are such a fun couple. They are clearly in love and will continue to grow together. Although I only met them on the day of their wedding at St. Augustine’s Church in Pleasanton, it was clear to me that they are the life of the party. They are like the floodlights that brighten up a stadium. Thanks for the honor of being part of your day!

I had the pleasure of tagging along with Jennifer Hosler of Candid Moments Weddings. We met virtually on the [b] School and she asked me if I’d be interested in coming along. I immediately and enthusiastically said “Yes!” The entire day was a total rush and so much fun. I learned a lot just from where to stand to logistics of family portraits to using flash during the reception.  At the end of the night, I was elated. I though, “I can totally do this again, it was FUN!” A fun job? Heck yeah!

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for, the photos!














Brian is hilarious. Seriously. I’ve never met a groom so full of silly until today. Thank you Brian for keeping me laughing.

This is my favorite one of the day! Brian couldn’t stop making faces!








Sweet moment between Brian and his Grandma.

Brian’s parents are great dancers!



Thanks again to Jennifer for inviting me to help capture Vicki and Brian’s day!

PS. Turned out that one of the groomsmen was my classmate in high school!

Church: St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
Pleasanton, CA 94566-7264
(925) 846-4489

Reception: Dublin Ranch Golf Club
5900 Signal Hill Drive
Dublin, CA 94568
Tel: (925) 556-7040

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