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The Simple Plan: A Sage Wedding Pros Workshop


This year I’ve been kind of a junkie. A workshop junkie. But I’ve always been the type to like to get my education on. And now, in the professional world that no longer means midterms and dissertations – but workshops.

And I’d like to give a plug to two very business savvy women in the industry – Kelly Simants and Michelle Loretta, the masterminds behind Sage Wedding Pros, and The Simple Plan.

The Simple Plan by Sage Wedding Pros

Both Kelly and Michelle are owners of their own successful companies in the wedding industry. Kelly Simants is owner of Sweet Pea Events with offices in Dallas and Seattle. Michelle is owner of mmm…paper, specializing in custom crafted wedding stationery from fine papers.

And of the many workshops I’ve been to, The Simple Plan has been amazing in my business life. There are so many things that I hadn’t even considered, and that many don’t consider when they go into business. And specifically in the wedding industry. Sometimes it seems like anyone can set up a website and instantly become a wedding planner, an invitation designer, or photographer. But there is so much more involved and Kelly and Michelle make it seriously pain free to write a business plan. And trust me, the plan becomes a map. And with a map you can know where you’re going!

And if you can’t attend one of their workshops, they also have a 13-Step Business Plan outline available FREE on their website. FREE!

For all of my California friends and colleagues – they are coming to you, NEXT WEEK! They will be in San Francisco May 10-11 and Los Angeles May 12-13.

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