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Mercy Bell : Anytime | Brooklyn Singer-Songwriter | Environmentalist | Activist


I heart New York City. And Brooklyn is a new favorite.

While I was there I got to hang out with my cousin, Mercy. She’s one of those people who just blazes their own path. Marches to the beat of her own drum, if you will. Shortly after graduation, she picked up her bags and moved to New York. Brooklyn to be exact. I had the chance to see her in her element – singing from the depths of her being and just having fun doing what she loves, making music.

Mercy has always been one to do her own thing. She was grandchild number two in the lineup, two years after I hit the scene. We have always been like polar opposites, especially when we were little kids. I would sit still on a blanket, and she would be climbing a tree. I hated being dirty. I’m pretty sure she embraced it. I was always shy and didn’t like talking to strangers. She would chat up complete strangers if her parents let her. She’s always had such a magnetic personality that she’s never been short on friends. I’m so glad that now that were grown-ups (that’s weird to write!) we are friends and hanging out is always an adventure!

I was determined to get a few shots of her in action, something that would really represent her carefree spirit. We started in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.


I was fortunate enough to have chosen a FANTASTIC weekend to go to New York. The city was showing the early signs of summer with temperatures boasting 90-degree-plus weather! I was completely unprepared for the heat, but I loved it all the same.



Mercy is 100% self taught on the guitar. She just picked it up one day and figured it out. Well, not all in one day. But she figured out chords and all that other guitar related stuff.


We headed up to Central Park on a quest to find the Strawberry Fields of John Lennon fame. We were looking around, but someone told us it was just an imaginary line. Is that true?


She has this infectious laugh that makes me laugh even if I didn’t think something was funny. Let’s face it, she has an infectious personality. I mean, I’m pretty sure she’d make friends with the wall if it would talk back. She’s just that friendly.



I think this one sums up Mercy’s ongoing adventure in New York. Exploring the city. Playing in the streets. Singing in cafes. Being young and carefree.


I LOVE this last image. I don’t even know what it is exactly, but I just love it.

Want to see Mercy in action?

She’s performing TOMORROW, Friday, May 8!

The Perch Cafe
365 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY

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