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Tips for Brides: My Dog Peed on My Wedding Gown


This is a story I haven’t shared with everyone yet.

Everyone was telling me that I was so calm. I was so cool. I was so collected. My mom told me that her friends were often asking her if I had turned into a “Bridezilla” or an unreasonable¬† brat. Nope. Not me. It was my goal never to resort to that. I wanted to plan our wedding without going crazy. Without having a breakdown. Without losing it. And I did.

Throughout planning our wedding, I was also juggling my full time job, planning a move to Texas, and getting my photography business off the ground. I can admit now that thanks to a full-time desk job, I was able to do a lot of blog stalking and inspiration seeking online. After work, I’d return home to my parents’ living room, fondly dubbed as my “Self-Imposed Sweat Shop” and would work on all the DIY projects. Lucky for me, my sister came home from school for her breaks and she really helped me a ton with putting the invitations together, and later the favors and reception decor. Everything went so smoothly.

Then came the morning of the wedding.

I woke up at 7:18am on 7/18. I thought it was strange, yet fittingly cool, so I remember it distinctly. I started to get some things in order for the makeup artist to arrive. My parents woke up. My sister woke up. Our makeup artist starting bringing her arsenal in. My bridesmaid, Krystle arrived. Excitement was the emotion of the hour.

Soon, our photographer, Travis, arrived as well. Once situated, he asked about my dress. I took him to my parents’ bedroom where I knew it was hanging. I had picked it up from the bridal salon the day before, and it was safely hung up. At least that’s what I thought.

I walked over and was getting ready to unveil it so that Travis could photograph it. Then I noticed something wet. And yellow. Yellow drips beading down the white plastic bag. Holy crap. It was pee. And since my dogs sleep in my parents’ bedroom, I was pretty sure it was dog pee. Oh Walter, you bad dog.

My observation and discovery was with Travis in the room. I calmly (on the outside) flipping out (on in the inside) asked him to find my mom. I can honestly say this was my one and only serious (and thankfully temporary) freak out. And thank God for satin taffeta! Thank you for synthetic fibers! Since Walter had probably done the deed recently, the yellow beads just rolled off the fabric. It did not have time to soak in!

I still got married. I still had a WONDERFUL time at our wedding. In fact, by the time of the ceremony starting, I was laughing about it.

It makes a good story doesn’t it? Not everyone can say their dog peed on their wedding dress.

Meet Walter, the culprit:


Meet Frieda, I think she feels Walter’s guilt for him:


I miss my puppies dearly, as they are my mom’s kids, now that I’m married and my sister is in college. They are stinkin’ cute though!

So with this experience, I give you some tips for brides-to-be:

  • Keep your dress away from any source of moisture! As you can see, this includes the pet kind.
  • Keep your pets (if you’re getting ready at home) away from anything important. You never know what could happen.
  • Be aware of the idiosyncrasies of the day. It’s a big, beautiful day and you should enjoy it.
  • Prepare yourself for the unexpected. Anything can happen.
  • Take everything with a grain of salt. As cliche as that may sound, had I not put the whole situation in perspective, I could have ruined the whole day.

And BIG NEWS! I will be launching my website on Thursday, October 1! Be sure to check it out HERE!!

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