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Semi Trucks, Painting, and Red Velvet Cake


I feel like I’ve been hit by a semi truck. No, make that two semi trucks. And a tractor. Why a tractor? I live in Texas, duh. (Not that I’ve actually seen one driving around…this is a big metropolitan city. after all.)


Well, we’ve been painting. For three days. Straight. Last night we finished up at about 1am, and proclaimed that we didn’t want to paint for a long, long, LONG time. My muscles feel like I did 472 rounds of P90X Plyometrics. Or 1 million push-ups. Or 5 million squats.

We have just a few more finishing touches and I promise to post some photos of our living room and two extra bedrooms, otherwise referred to as Cent’s “Man Cave” and the guest bedroom.

But I also have some breaking news on the Red Velvet cake front. I believe that I’ve found, hands down, the most amazing Red Velvet Cake here in the Dallas Metroplex. It seriously does not compare to any of the other Red Velvet cakes I’ve tried, and I’ve sampled a fare share. Read about them here, here, and here.

Best Red Velvet Cake in Dallas

A couple of weeks ago I met with Enjolik Oree-Bailey, an amazing caterer who specializes in Southern cuisine. Her company, Low Country Quisine, reflects the cooking styles of the coastal counties of South Carolina and Georgia, as well as traditional soul food. During our lunch, she told me that I just had to try her Red Velvet cake, having heard that I have a bit of an obsession. Okay, a huge one.

The next time we saw each other, she brought me a sample of her cake. FOUR big slices. Heaven. Thank you, again, Enjolik!

Best Red Velvet Cake in Dallas

A friend recently asked about the flavor of Red Velvet cake. And up until trying this cake, I didn’t really know how to describe it. Because it’s not chocolate. And it’s not vanilla. My sister likes to say that it’s “Red”. After trying Low Country Quisine‘s Red Velvet Cake, the flavor is (and should be) a smooth, rich, buttermilk-esque taste. Paired with creamy cream cheese frosting, it’s pure delight.

Best Red Velvet Cake in Dallas

Best Red Velvet Cake in Dallas

And no, I did not play any Photoshop tricks to boost the red color, it was actually that red.

So if you’re on the hunt for some legit, down home, low country, melt in your mouth amazingness that is the Red Velvet Cake, look no further. Contact Low Country Quisine. Seriously. You can thank me later.

Happy Monday!

Low Country Quisine
Phone: 214.223.7433

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