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On the other side of Day 2


Yesterday we started something intense.

Something that takes commitment.

And some serious, hard work.

We are doing this:

I’m reporting from the other side of Day 2 of P90X. And I can still lift my arms, woo hoo!

I had heard all the buzz about P90X for a long time. My aunt did it. My friends did it. And then I heard about some wedding industry friends starting it up.

Since I knew that my current session of boot camp would be ending soon (it ends tomorrow!), I thought why not try P90X. And when I mentioned it to Cent, his ears perked up and said, “Let’s do it.” My aunt in California so generously hooked us up with her set of DVDs and booklets, and we were good to go.

Well almost.

We had to go out and buy some dumbbells, a mat, and another resistance band, but then we were good to go.

Let me just say, having survived Day 1, that this workout isn’t a joke. It’s the real deal. It’s intense, but not impossible. It gets your heart pumping, but allows you to pace yourself – especially at the beginning. And now, having made it through Round 1 of Plyometrics, I’m digging it. I had been fearful of Plyometrics since I had read several tweets about the dreaded plyometrics day. And Tony Horton says, “It’s the mother of all X workouts.” But it wasn’t as difficult as I had initially thought.

However, it IS super intense. Like gets your blood pumping, heart beating, lungs working…on overdrive.

And the best part of all of this (of course this is only day 2), is that I get to work out with Cent. We’ve never worked out together before, so it makes it way more fun than if I was working out on my own. And he keeps me going.

Brides and Grooms, if you’re looking for a workout program to get yourself in shape for the big day – P90X is it. Just check out all the YouTube testimonials. We totally did.

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